Customers known by name at Chilton bank
By Mary Matsumoto
Mary Matsumoto photo
The staff at Community Bank & Trust in Chilton includes (front, from left) Heidi Kautzer, teller II; Donna Schad, loan assistant; Tami Goeser, operations supervisor; and (back) Denise Bangart, AVP mortgage/consumer lender; Don Winkler, vice president; Victoria Sabani, office president; Julie Schmitz, teller; and Kay Radder, personal banker.

When you enter Community Bank & Trust of Chilton, expect to be greeted by name.

The majority of the bank’s staff has been serving the people of Chilton since the bank’s inception 14 years ago in September. Backed not only by experience but a strong connection to the community, friendly customer service and fulfi lling the company’s mission statement, “To Meet or Exceed Our Customers’ Expectations,” comes naturally to them.

When you call the bank you’ll find no automated message system here. Yes, your phone will be answered by a “real person,” whether you’re calling the headquarters in Sheboygan or the Chilton branch. They are a local bank with local employees and strive to support their local community.

The bank is always excited to offer ways to help their customers with new and innovative products and services. Whether it is through a high interest checking account or the latest account alert technology, Community Bank & Trust goes the extra mile to make sure their customers are comfortable and taken care of.

One of the newest ways to allow customers 24/7 access to their accounts is through eLerts. This free service is available to all customers with online banking and offers to send a text message or e-mail regarding activity on the customer’s account. With this service, customers can easily keep an eye on their balances, no matter where they are.

Office President Victoria Sabani used this feature while on a trip to Ireland last month.

“I had my phone along, and Wi-Fi was available,” she said. “I was receiving alerts and could check on my account to make sure everything looked correct.”

So you can keep close tabs no matter where you are in the world.

With all-time low interest rates, people are looking to refinance or even buy a new house. Denise Bangart, as the bank’s consumer lender, is an expert in the field and knows all the ins and outs of housing loans and can help the customer get the best rate possible. She’s willing to look into all the possible options to find the best deal for the customer.

CB Investment Services, located at the bank, is for customers looking for different ways to invest their money. An investment service representative is

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