put into a drawing for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Open houses will be held at each of Premier’s locations. The big celebration will take place at Premier’s annual meeting, scheduled for Sunday, April 22 at Millhome Supper Club east of Kiel.

The Chilton office of Premier Financial Credit Union opened at 26 W. Main St. on Jan. 4, 1982. It moved to its current location at 50 E. Chestnut St. in 1990. An addition to the building took place in 1995 to better serve the members.

Damage from the serious hail and wind storm of 2000 was repaired, and more updates were made to the Chilton building in 2009.

Katie Karls is the branch manager of the Chilton office and has four years of service to Premier Financial. Other Chilton staff members are Chrissy Propson, senior member service, 11 years; Tonia Dickrell, junior member service, five years; Sue Berres, junior member service, three years; and Kate Schneider, junior member service, who started last August.

The Chilton Branch also has a strong commitment to giving back to the community. As just one example, this past winter the staff held a brat fry and all funds were donated to the Morrissey Park project.

The Chilton office—like all Premier Financial offices—is a full-service office. That means the staff is qualified to handle

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all financial needs from auto loans, personal loans, mortgages and home purchases to savings, checking, IRAs and HSAs. Travel cards and gift cards are also available along with Scrip benefiting Chilton Area Catholic School.

Becoming a member of Premier Financial Credit Union remains a simple thing to do. Members must either reside or be employed in Calumet, Manitowoc or Sheboygan counties, or portions of Fond du Lac or Outagamie counties; and maintain a $5 account balance.

“The purpose of most lenders is to generate profits for shareholders,” Nothem said. “That’s not the case with credit unions. We’re owned by our members, our board consists of local citizens elected from within the membership and their role is to ensure members’ financial needs are met.” That includes free checking accounts and no fees on loans.

Premier Financial Credit Union has come a long way from the days when Grube did the books on a card table in his basement. The original incorporators required a 25-cent entrance fee to become a member, and its original assets were a typewriter, adding machine, a file box and a four-drawer filing cabinet.

Assets and membership have grown tremendously over the years, but what has not changed is the primary reason to belong to the credit union—it’s just a better way of doing things for the people.