Implant training offers patient benefits
Dentists head back to school in response to patients
By Mike Mathes
Dr. Lara Baus (right) hones her dental implant skills at The London Institute, with an assist from her sister, Dr. Mariah Murphy. The two dentists, along with their father, Dr. Michael Baus, serve patient needs at the Baus Family Dental Clinic on East Main Street in Chilton. Expanded dental implant services are one of the many Baus Family Dental innovations in the aim of providing the best possible patient care.

Patient comfort and trust are keys to the care provided for all aspects of dentistry at Baus Family Dental in Chilton.

Recently, Dr. Mariah Murphy and Dr. Lara Baus embarked on a mini-residency in new tooth implant placement techniques with The London Institute.

Their aim in seeking this intensive training was simple.

They wanted to extend yet another service to their patients to provide for needs in a comfortable setting.

“Patients like to get all their services under one roof,” Dr. Mariah Murphy said.

“They know, trust and feel comfortable with their general dentist and usually prefer him/her to perform dental procedures necessary to reach optimum dental health.”

Murphy added, “Because of this level of trust, time constraints, fear of going to multiple offices and increasing costs, patients will seek providers who are reconstructive in nature.”

Driven by patient comments

Dr. Murphy noted that the patient’s level of comfort and trust was the biggest factor driving her and Dr. Lara Baus to pursue the extensive implant training.

“Many of our patients were informing us, ‘I would get an implant, but I really don’t want to go anywhere else. I want you to do it.’”

With that patient-driven motivation in mind, the two practicing sisters diligently started looking for a high level course that would provide them with the skills to place dental implants.

In their training, they spent six full days working with implants on cadavers. They also received extensive training from a periodontist who specializes in implant placement through The London Institute.

The Institute is run by Dr. London, the head of Periodontics for Washington University.

Extensive training for the two dentists amounted to a mini-residency on implant training. The studies were the equivalent of a 48-credit university study.

Implants fill the gaps

Implants allow dentists to provide replacements for single or multiple teeth that have been lost to dental disease.

The implant procedure provides a way to provide full function to a patient’s bite once one or more teeth have been lost.

With their recent training completed, the dentists at Baus Family Dental can provide all the services connected with a dental implant right in the comfort of their Chilton office—in a separate surgical room.

Placing a dental implant involves several appointments for the work to be completed. Dr. Murphy said the procedures and appropriate healing can span an 8-12 week period.

The new techniques learned through The London Institute allow the dentist to place the implant with just one surgical appointment. Their training allows them to bypass a second surgery—thus making things easier for the patient from both a healing and comfort perspective.

A cap with special patterns saves the need for a second surgery when the crown is later put into place.

Dr. Michael Baus, who practices with his two daughters, said that Baus Family Dental continues its commitment to providing the most updated technology and services for its patients.

He sees the enhanced implant services as yet another example of that commitment.

“We will still work with periodontal specialists or surgeons when cases are too complex,” he said.

Full family services

Although the implant technology and training is the latest service offered at Baus Family Dental Clinic, the wider practice still provides all the standard dental care services.

Office hours are 8-5 daily, with extended hours on Thursday, from 10 a. m. to 7 p. m.

Special Saturday appointments can be made in advance from 8-noon on two to three Saturdays per month.

Baus Family Dental tries to stay connected with its patients in all ways possible, including its website at

Friends can choose to get updates and like the clinic’s page by searching for Baus Family Dental on Facebook.

In addition, the facility on East Main Street has a new digital colorized sign offering special information about the dental clinic on the west side of its building. Approaching the Main Street stop light from the south, the sign can be seen by motorists looking to the east.