Express Lane speeds up service
Get your oil changed, car inspected in the blink of an eye
By Mike Mathes
Mike Mathes photos
Cody Rautman prepares to drain the oil from the engine of a car in the Express Lane lift at Central Garage. He is tackling one of the new Express Lane oil changes as part of his training. At right, Nick Walber measures the tread of tires on a vehicle under the watchful eye of Mopar Express Lane factory trainer Mark Frank. The measurements are part of the inspection process that each car will receive as part of its Express Lane oil change service . The inspections are free of charge. Express Lane Service is up and running at Central Garage and soon will be added at Vande Hey Brantmeier.

Need to get your oil changed, but can’t find the time to do it?

A new innovation being offered by a pair of Chilton sister dealerships will help cut down the amount of time you need for an oil change, plus it will give you a whole lot more.

Express Lane Service was introduced at Central Garage in Chilton this month. Vande Hey Brantmeier GM will be next in line to offer the service.

With Express Lane Service, vehicle owners need no advance appointment for their speedy oil change service. They can simply stop in at the dealership and get their vehicle in the queue.

“We are aiming to improve convenience for the customer,” said John Rezachek, service manager for Central Garage. “We would like to get the customer from a hello to a goodbye in 30 minutes.:

“Motorists can pull right in to our service area, where they will be greeted by a service advisor,” he noted. “They will help get the process started.”

Express Lane oil change service will bear the same price as a normal oil change at the two dealerships. The only difference is that the customer has the convenience of getting it done quickly and on their own time frame.

“Express Lane is like a business inside a business,” Art Conrad, Vande Hey Brantmeier service manager said. Starting at Central Garage, and soon at Vande Hey Brantmeier, the service centers will have a dedicated lift for Express Lane service.

“We will have all the tolls and supplies right there in the bay—and one in each building,” Rezachek added. “It’s important that we do things right.”

As part of the Express Lane oil change package, motorists will receive a free top-to-bottom vehicle inspection. Other services offered through Express Lane are tire rotation, air filter replacement, light bulbs and wiper blade replacements.

“It’s more than just a simple convenience for our customers,” Conrad said. “The inspections will help identify issues that people need to know about. We can then schedule them in for repairs at another time, if more work is needed.”

Conrad added that the inspections are thorough and consistent because technicians are instructed in a specifically choreographed method of conducting those inspections.

Express Lane hours

Express Lane services will be daily from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. and on Saturdays from 8 to noon.

Owner Dave Brantmeier said the dealership is open to expand the service as needed, “We want to see how the need arises and be open to expanding the hours if necessary.”

Vande Hey Brantmeier and Central Garage both offer comfortable waiting lounges, where they can enjoy a cup of coffee or watch television while the work is completed on their car. The dealerships are located across the road from the northside shopping center, where customers might venture to pick up a few items or a coffee and a bite to eat while their car is prepped.

“We want this to be different than our traditional service, where the customer might face a longer wait, or get pushed back because of another procedure on a different vehicle that pushes our schedule back,” Conrad said.

“In some cases with the new Express Lane service, a person’s car might be complete before they can make a trip across the street and back,” he said.

Vital planning

Offering the Express Lane service is something the dealerships have had to plan carefully over the past several months.

“We need to be able to assure customers that things are being done right. That means taking the proper steps and having the right personnel in place,” Rezachek said.

The planning for Express Lane service started in earnest about four months ago.

One of the biggest parts of prepping for the addition of Express Lane service has been staffing.

Those staffing needs are served in two ways—identifying and training existing staff for the Express Lane effort and identifying potential new staff members.

Mopar Express Lane specialists Mark Frank was on site the second week in April cueing in the existing staff on the proper Express Lane service and inspection methods.

Down the road, the dealerships will need to look at adding staff as the pro-gram grows in popularity in the service area. Dave Brantmeier said this offered several positive aspects for the community. First, it means potential job opportunities. Second, it gives the dealership an opportunity to train and support technicians who are schooling or just getting started in their field.

“We will be able to hire some people looking to make a career out of this work, but may have a challenging schedule due to their schooling,” Brantmeier noted. “We will be able to work around that and give them a great environment to learn with factory trainers and become part of our specialized staff.”

The staff at the two Chilton dealerships are eagerly awaiting the motorists who will embrace the new Express Lane Service.

Located right along Highway 32-57 on North Madison Street, the Express Lane oil change opportunity isn’t just speedy, it’s also convenient.

Stop in to say hello, and the Express Lane specialists hope to have you on your way with a friendly goodbye in the time it takes to get a haircut.