were then made into holiday baskets and sent overseas to our active troops.

“The Candy Buy Back was a great success and is something we’ll do again in the future,” says Dr. Asp. “Some of the men and women serving our country haven’t been home for a long time and are stationed in foreign and sometime hostile environments without access to the comforts we’ve grown accustomed to here. Combining our efforts with Operation Gratitude is a nice way to send a piece of home to our troops while showing them our support and thanks.”

Another way Dr. Asp and the staff at Hilbert Family Practices show their appreciation for those who serve our country is by celebrating Veteran’s Day in November. They offer free dental exams, cleanings and x-rays to any past

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or current military members and any additional dental work is discounted 20 percent through the end of the year. They have gained so much interest that in the last two years they have extended the program from one day to the entire week leading up to Veterans Day.

“Almost all of us have a family member or friend who is a member of our military. You can’t put a price on our freedom, but we try our best to give back and serve those who have served us,” says Dr. Asp.

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