Scoops Ice Cream happy place to be
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Tracy Breckheimer stands in her colorful Scoops Ice Cream Parlor in Chilton.

Most people open the door to enter Scoops Ice Cream Parlor with a smile on their face.

Those who do not will be wearing a smile shortly after taking their first bite.

“This is a happy business,” owner Tracy Breckheimer said. Many times she or one of her employees will ask a customer, “How’s your day?” to which the reply will be, “Well, it’s good now.”

Such is the power of ice cream. But Scoops is not just any ice cream, and this is not just any ice cream parlor.

It does not seem possible, but the little shop which was built new by Tracy and husband Paul along STH 32/57 on Chilton’s south side has already been there five years. Inside and out it is a fun, colorful place, including the old truck parked outside and used in local parades, and the toy elephant on which kids enjoy sitting. Tracy said they plan to add another piece or two in the near future.

But what really sets Scoops ice cream apart from others is the fact it is made fresh right in the shop. Tracy is the first to say people can find a cheaper scoop of ice cream elsewhere, but the old adage about getting what you pay for holds true at Scoops.

Because of that, loyal customers cannot wait for Scoops to reopen after its traditional winter closing of about three months. In fact, a day or two before this year’s March opening date, two men from Fond du Lac showed up wanting to get some ice cream. Tracy happened to be there getting the shop ready for the season. “We weren’t open, but we served them ice cream,” she said.

Scoops does not open until 11 a. m., but on this year’s season opening day another customer was there at 9 a. m. hoping to lay claim to being the first customer of the new year.

Takes time for fresh ice cream

Tracy said they did not change their originally scheduled opening date this year despite the record warmth of March. While warm spring days are some of their best business days, Tracy said, the process of making all-new batches of fresh ice cream takes time—but it is worth it to customers.

The same could be said of the Breckheimers’ business. Tracy is a certified public accountant and Paul manages area salvage yards, and when they first decided to open an ice cream parlor they thought they could do it in a matter of months. “We just decided we were going to put an ice cream shop there because we love ice cream so much,” Tracy said. The lot on which Scoops is located once was home to a root beer stand, and Tracy said she remembers going there as a youth growing up in Chilton.

Instead of a couple months to get the business going, however, the Breck-

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