Schneider offers cleaning service

As the owner of Maid Perfect, Melissa Schneider’s cleaning services include rental properties, residential, commercial and construction, both new and remodeled.

Foreclosure properties are also cleaned by Maid Perfect. Area real estate agents know of her services, understanding that a home or commercial building will sell if its appearance is neat and clean.

When the job requires it, Schneider calls upon a well-trained sub-contracted support staff to assist her in the work.

Schneider, who has performed cleaning tasks most of her life, prides herself on being flexible and open to client needs. She employs hands-on cleaning methods—on hands and knees scrubbing floors—and gives attention to detail. She lives with the conviction that everything has a place. She will assist clients who wish that she organize things in a household or office.

Cleaning assignments with Maid Perfect are routine or they could be a onetime