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At Suttner Accounting, the clientele have shown great support over the 50-year history of the firm.

Many clients are second, even third generation family members. “We are working with the children of a lot of people we were working with 20-30 years ago,” Joe Suttner said. To Suttner Accounting, that continued family support defines a precious loyalty in its clientele.

“We want to thank everyone for their loyalty to our firm. Without them we wouldn’t be here to celebrate 50 years in business,” he added.

Bill Suttner added that the loyalty hasn’t just come from clients, but from the wonderful support from other business professionals.

Independent third-party business people—bankers, attorneys, financial advisors, insurance professionals and others have been supportive of Suttner Accounting over the years. “They have consistently shown they appreciate the quality of work we bring to the table,” Suttner said. “It’s important to us that they think highly of the services we provide. We are grateful for their support.”

Most of all, the partners at Suttner Accounting appreciate the dedication of their staff to the firm and its clientele. They have as much pride in our company name as our partners and family members.