A&K Truckland hits the accelerator
Expansion project allows growth in product line, installation space
By Harry Maier
Kurt Halbach (left) of Chilton and partner Al Arnoldussen recently expanded their A&K Truckland business to provide more retail display space as well as much more room for installation work.

After six years of operations, A&K Truckland, 1023 S. Huron Rd. in Green Bay’s I-43 Business Park, has expanded its facilities.

The partnership operating the company consists of Al Arnoldussen and Kurt Halbach. They joined in early 2005 and have many years experience in the pickup, SUV and auto after-market accessories.

Arnoldussen handles most of the daily operations, and Halbach focuses on the business segment of A&K Truckland Inc. Both work closely together to make the business operate as smoothly as possible and limit growing pains with the expansion.

Halbach resides just south of Chilton and said he is very appreciative of all the loyal customers A&K Truckland has from the greater Calumet County area.

Both men insist that customer service is the key to the company’s success with listening to what the customer is saying being the key element.

“We don’t want to forget that as we move to expand our operations,” Halbach said.

Opened in 2005

In July 2005 they opened A&K Truckland and have completed the expansion of their showroom and shop areas.

When the company opened it had 6,000 square feet of shop space and 3,000 square feet of office and showroom space. The current project has resulted in another 6,000 square feet for the new installation center, 2,500 square feet for an expanded showroom, relocation of the offices, employee area, customer lounge and waiting area.

The expanded showroom will allow A&K Truckland to significantly expand its product line with a much larger inventory, new product lines and product diversity.

A second showroom of 1,800 square feet will provide space for larger pieces of equipment such as snowplows, salters, several lines of trailers and also tires and rims. The trailer lines will include units of various sizes and options.

“It’s important that we diversify our line of products and at the same time maintain who we are and not getting away from what Al and I started in 2005,” Halbach said.

In the installation area, the company has added an overhead jib crane to ease the workload when moving heavier pieces of equipment and a frame hoist for installation of tires, rims and suspension products.

“We realize we needed more and better equipment to meet the needs of our customers,” Halbach said.

All service is done within the service and installation center with a quick turnaround time. “We also insist that the work be done right,” Halbach said.

Bayland Buildings was the general contractor and Halbach said the project progressed right on schedule and right on budget.

Continual growth

Since 2008 annual revenues have grown at the rate of 10 to 15 percent annually. In addition to the construction, A&K has added another shop employee with plans for another in the next few months.

“We’re even looking at expanding to a second location, somewhere south in the near future but wanted to maximize in this market area first,” Halbach said. Halbach also said the company is currently creating a subsidiary company which could handle internet sales, initially looking to create two additional employees. “The industry is moving in that direction, and we want to be part of it,” he said. “The internet is a powerful tool for the consumer in today’s world. It offers competitive pricing and a lot of knowledge to the end product user. It also saves my sales staff time with the customer because that person probably has done some homework on the item they are looking to purchase and narrowed their selection down to a few even before they come to see us at the store.”

He and Arnoldussen attribute their success “to taking care of our customers,” he said. “We talk to our clients, we try to offer them the best products we can.”

In the showroom, customers can find

any accessory among several hundred products that may be used on a vehicle.

With the expansion, the company is looking at expanding the snow and ice equipment business, taking on a line or two of trailers, after-market tires and rims and suspension systems such as level kits and lift kits.

Among the major products are Leer truck caps which A&K considers the top line, along with Hiniker snowplows and SnowEX salt spreaders and more snow and ice equipment from other manufacturers

“We serve both the commercial and residential markets,” Halbach said, with the sales market about a 100-mile area.

(Editor’s note: This article first appeared in The Business News.)