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In addition to these three seasoned designers, Merchandise Manager and Lead Designer Kathy Voelker brings 33 years of interior design experience to the equation, providing yet another key cog in the team.

“The thing I enjoy most about my job is that every day is different. Every person that walks through the door has a different need to fill or a different problem to solve,” Kathy said.

In her three decades of design work at Chilton Furniture, she has worked both with furniture and floor coverings.

In Kathy’s view, the key is helping customers understand how much the design team really cares about them. “Our ultimate goal is for them to be totally satisfied. If we achieve that, then it was a job well done.”

A key that helps the Chilton Furniture team succeed for their customers is the wide range of products offered by the store. Chilton Furniture remains true to its one-stop shopping design concept for quality home furnishings for all rooms of the house, running the gamut of furniture, bedding, floor coverings, window treatments and accessories.

The team’s winning formula remains simple. They strive to make sure all those home furnishing dreams come true for their friends....the ones they have known a long time, and they ones they have yet to meet.