CowTown serves via its Web site

CowTown Stamps in New Holstein continues to operate as a solely Webbased business.

Owner Laurel Sherry said rubber stamp lovers can see pictures of each of the hundreds and hundreds of designs in her rubber stamp line on her Web site,

The business which has been operating for about 20 years has had its Web site for many years but is now strictly a web-based retailer. Sherry said popular designs continue to be her dachshunds (also see,nursing related stamps, cows and religious stamps.

Orders are mailed almost daily from CowTown Stamps to points around the world. It is not uncommon at all for an order to be in the mail and on its way to the customer the same day it is received.

Rubber stamps can be purchased as unmounteds, a popular way for serious stampers looking to save money and space. But CowTown Stamps also can mount images on wood blocks; on one of two easy-to-use sticky mounting materials; or on the Halos acrylic mounting material.

Visitors to the Web site also will be able to purchase their own materials for mounting unmounted rubber, including wood and acrylic blocks, Halos material, double-sided sticky cushion, and easy-to-mount material.

A variety of overstock unmounted designs are currently on the clearance pages of the CowTown Stamps Web site. Other miscellaneous stamping related accessories also may be purchased at