Attractive concrete adds much to home
By Stephen Groessel
Stephen Groessel photo
Business partners in the firm Heimann Concrete LLC, Chilton, are brothers Brian (left) and Will Heimann. Pleasant weather conditions this spring means getting a jump start on concrete work.

As a prime investment, most homeowners pay plenty of attention to the interior furnishings of their home and they diligently care for the exterior, the roof, siding and windows.

But what about the features of the yard, the shrub and flower beds, the sidewalks and driveways, the backyard patios? Are they quality? Are they safe? Are they attractive? Do they enhance the home or detract from its overall appearance?

Heimann Concrete and Elite Curbing, LLC specializes in flatwork concrete, decorate concrete and landscape curbing for businesses, homes and agriculural settings. Heimann Concrete and Elite Curbing is a local, experienced, fully insured firm which specializes in installing durable and attractive concrete slabs, walkways, patios and driveways. They do concrete edging (curbing) for your flower and plant beds and offer decorative landscape curbing to beautify your property.

Brothers and partners in the business, Brian and Will Heimann bring a combined 18 years experience in concrete work answering with satisfaction residential, commercial and agricultural customer needs. Brian has 14 years experience pouring concrete and his brother Will joined him four years ago in what is principally seasonal work. Another full time employee is their father Joe. The crew operates at full steam with summer help.

Whether it is for a new business

building or new home basement floor, driveway, or front walk entrance, Heimann Concrete and Elite Curbing is able to provide it for you. Whether you are looking for a new backyard patio or a new look to your front entrance, this Chilton-based firm can help you out. If it is a commercial property, a decorative front or an approach to the building may be a welcomed feature. If it is an agricultural setting, perhaps a new feed slab or alley-way inside the barn would be an improvement. Heimann Concrete and Elite Curbing, LLC specializes in just that. You have a wide range of choices in design, color, stamped, and the like.

Would you like to replace that plastic edging around your flower beds that does not stay in place and has to be retrenched, and gets knicked by the lawn mower blade? Do you want to protect your beautiful flower garden from being overrun by grass? Want to have a decorative tree ring that can be filled with flowers? If you answered yes then take a look at Heimann Concrete & Elite Curbing’s decorative landscape curbing. The Heimanns say they have a number of designs and colors for customers to choose from. Curbing profiles (mower, dome and slant) and curbing designs (Aussie Cobble, Basket Weave, Castle Stone, H-Brick, Herrringbone, Random, River Rock, Texture and Wood Grain) are available selections.

The landscape curbing installed is six inches wide, four inches high in the back and two inches in the front. An eighth inch steel cabling runs through it. All landscape curbing work is done by hand, with cement mixed onsite and transported by wheelbarrow. Purchased locally, cement used is a six-bag mix applying 4,500 pounds per square inch giving it lots of strength.

Curbing can be customized

The curbing can be customized to fit your landscaping and your house which will make your house look even better. Heimann Concrete & Elite Curbing’s services include removal of sod/grass, laying the curbing and sealing it to protect it from sun and discoloring. Free estimates are given for all of the above.

As a work crew Heimann Concrete and Elite Curbing is committed to a strong work ethic. Having been raised on a dairy farm in rural Chilton, the Heimann brothers know how to get things done and in a timely fashion. They give attention to detail, to the performance of quality work and are devoted to getting the work done right the first time.

With satisfied customers their reputation spreads by word of mouth through recommendations from landscape companies and building contractors. The firm does competitive bidding for jobs.

Visit the firm’s Web site: www.heimannconcrete.comto view their work. For inquiries, call (920) 849-4800.