Customers can see display models on site.

Madson’s Service is also a Kohler dealer, and this season, they’ve taken on the diesel engine end of the business. Kohler diesel engines will be of special interest when it comes to construction and excavating equipment and compactors.

So go ahead. Get out that lawnmower, or tractor, brush off last year’s debris, and bring it down to Madson’s Service in St. Nazianz for a once over. Get it in top condition so you can be the first one on the block to have a manicured lawn.

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there’s no looping around on already mown grass.

“You’re cutting all the time,” said Scott. “You can spin around on a dime, come right back and keep cutting.”

Of course, Cub Cadet has had the technology for some time, but now an increasing variety of models offer a steering wheel instead of the traditional lap bars.

“It’s a lot easier to handle,” said Scott. “With no learning curve, anybody can jump on it and use it, and they’re a lot better on hills and ditches than the lap bar.”