Madson’s gets you ready for mowing
By Mary Matsumoto
Mary Matsumoto photo
Scott Madson of Madson’s Service in St. Nazianz can get existing lawn equipment ready for the season, or sell customers new pieces.

With longer daylight hours, warmer temperatures, and the arrival of spring, people are beginning to think lawn and garden.

It won’t be long before it’s be time to mow the lawn again.

So go ahead. You know you’ve got to do it sooner or later. Dig out the mower, brush off last fall’s dried grass and check it out.

Really, will it be in running condition when the first mowing day of the season arrives? Or will you wait until your lawn gets so long your neighbors will begin to wonder if anyone lives there anymore?

No problem if you took the time to have the mower checked out and serviced last fall just before you put it to bed for winter. Fall is an ideal time to take care of your machine before bigger problems develop due to neglect. The fact is, fall is also ideal because there isn’t that big rush by everyone on the block to have routine work done.

Scott Madson recommends taking care of the mower, as well as all varieties of farm machinery, as soon as possible—fall, preferably, but if a person must wait until spring, take it in as soon as possible.

Madson’s Service on Second Street in St. Nazianz specializes in parts and service. After all, it’s in their name.

Scott’s father started the business in 1971. At 78, he still helps out part time, although Scott and his wife have since taken over. Employee Rick Schuh completes the staff, except for occasional part-time help during the busiest season of the year, spring.

Scott was born in St. Nazianz so he knows just about everyone in town, as well as the surrounding area. The business services Manitowoc, Sheboygan, and Calumet counties, although they send out parts all over the world.

As a family business with 40 years of service in the community, they know their customers—know them by name, know their children by name—so they’re in a position to recognize immediately what kinds of products and services they need.

“We make sure they get a piece of equipment that’s right for them,” said Scott. “If they don’t get the right piece of equipment, it doesn’t do the job.”

The Madsons have been around so long, they now serve the grown up children of parents who have been their customers for years, going from one generation to the next.

This year, as a Cub Cadet dealer, Scott is happy to show customers the new models of Zero Turn Cub Cadet lawnmowers. With zero turn technology, busy homeowners and farmers can save a step by not having to go back over the lawn with trimmers and push mowers. Zero Turn models cut cleanly around trees, buildings, and shrubs. And

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