advisors allows me to help their clients,” Reiss said about her colleagues at Riesterer Financial. Reiss primarily (but not exclusively) assists retired individuals with their Medicare and other health insurance related needs. Reiss has been with Riesterer Financial for the past six years, bringing extensive health insurance experience to Kiel. Riesterer says she is the best at what she does in the three-county area. Wilbert added, “Few agencies have a full-time health advisor.”

Work as a team

Gresens has been with Riesterer Financial since the new office opened along Highway 67 on Kiel’s southeast side about eight years ago. Gresens said, “We work as a team, putting more than one advisor’s ideas into a solution.”

Wilbert is starting his fifth year with the company. Asked why he enjoys working there, he said, “The fact Riesterer Financial is an independent business allows them to not be captive to any one company. The advisors represent multiple companies, offering tailored options and solutions to their clients.”

Osladil, who started about the same time as Reiss, agreed, saying, “I think it’s the independence, and the support a client receives because of the team we have here. Even if someone’s on vacation, the service for the client continues. It’s seamless for our clients and their financial or insurance needs.”

Reiss added, “One thing that sets these financial advisors apart is their commitment to regular reviews with their clients.” Osladil said, “It goes back to the first item in our service statement,

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Keeping up with changes

In order to give their clients the latest and most accurate information, everyone at Riesterer Financial is committed to continuing education and changes in the industry. Whether it is changes to Medicare created by new government regulations, programs, or changes to Internal Revenue Service regulations, Riesterer Financial keeps pace with the ever changing times.

“The clients change, too,” Osladil said. “I always ask my clients, ‘What’s new and exciting?’” Riesterer highlighted that point by saying he has a client who he helped plan for retirement, has helped during retirement, and is now helping plan for the family’s future after a terminal cancer diagnosis. “Everyone’s life changes and we are committed to helping families plan,” Riesterer said.

The investment and insurance industries continue to change. Riesterer Financial continues to upgrade technology, completed a building expansion project last year, and is in the process of hiring its first-ever business manager. “I enjoy helping our clients’ with their needs. We are hiring a business manager to take care of the day-to-day operational needs so I can focus more on our clients and assist my associates,” Riesterer said.

It is all part of making a good business even better. Let Riesterer Financial be the piece which solves your financial or insurance puzzle.

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