its brownfields program to assess a portion of the former Heus/Tecumseh manufacturing plant for contamination issues. The property is currently vacant and tax delinquent with known environmental issues which have not actively been worked on for several years.

Environmental unknowns create hesitancy for any developer to move forward. As previously indicated there has been a significant amount of environmental investigation and cleanup conducted at the property. This provides a wealth of information for a prospective purchaser regarding the environmental condition of the property and helps set the stage for getting a prospective developer to come to New Holstein.

Two Phase I assessments have already been completed, and a Phase II assessment is in progress.

There are, however, limitations on the available data. A more thorough environmental assessment needs to be completed which would better document the areas of past contamination and identify potential areas which have yet to be investigated. Developers need to know where residual impacts are present and how that might impact future renovation and/or demolition.

At this point future costs cannot be quantified. Additional work must be completed to better determine the degree and extent of impacts and determine the possible paths for the building’s future.

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Based on the past work completed, numerous environmental concerns have been eliminated; however, additional work is needed and the current owner is not in a position to finance it. Grant funding for this property would provide invaluable data to allow a more clear quantification of environmental risk related to the property. In addition, the city will encourage the continued enrollment of the property in state programs.

The complete Vierbicher report can be accessed by anyone via the EDC’s new Web site, www.newholsteineconomicdevelopment.com.

The EDC generally meets the fourth Wednesday of each month starting at 8 a. m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the meetings. Anyone purchasing an annual membership into the EDC is allowed to vote for the organization’s board members. Memberships are open to anyone.

Dan Schneider of Schneider & Schneider Construction is the current president of the EDC and Steve Nothem of Premier Financial Credit Union is the vice president. Lee Watson is the organization’s executive director. They and the other board members said the EDC plans to continue to work together with city and Chamber of Commerce officials to do what they can to boost economic development in New Holstein in the months and years ahead.