Riesterer ready for 2nd half
By Mark Sherry

In the locker room at halftime, players and coaches take time to evaluate and tweak their game plan to prepare for a big win in the second half.

Life is no different. The “players” are individuals who look back at what they have accomplished in the first half of their lives and what changes they want to make for the second half.

One well known financial coach in eastern Wisconsin is Riesterer Financial of Kiel, and even this coach has taken a halftime break to assess its game plan.

The independently owned business which uses Packerland Brokerage Services as their Broker Dealer is the firm’s number-one agency in the United States in terms of production, yet Riesterer Financial still hired the consulting services of a business management company this past year.

Owners Glen and Renae Riesterer, the advisors, and support staff who work with them know that good organizations can get even better, which is why they brought in the consulting firm. They have already begun to implement some of the key strategies and will continue to do so in the future.

Riesterer said, “We wanted an outside observer to help us analyze what Riesterer Financial does well and what we could do better, then fine tune what we do to better serve our clients.”

New logo unveiled

For starters, Riesterer Financial is rolling out its new logo and company’s service statement. The new logo is the letter “R” in the shape of a three-dimensional puzzle piece. Riesterer said the logo can have multiple meanings and will be used in all the company’s communication. One obvious meaning is that the business of investing, life and health insurance can be a puzzle to a lot of people, and Riesterer Financial can help fit all the pieces together.

The new service statement is “Educating-Planning-Solving.” Riesterer Financial has been doing these things since the Riesterers started the business in 1993 and which have been enhanced with the additions of health insurance advisor Ruth Reiss and financial advisors Jim Gresens, Jim Wilbert and Julie Osladil.

Whether it is via one-on-one comprehensive planning or the open-to-the-public Come and Learn workshops, education is a significant focus for Riesterer Financial. Clients from Manitowoc, Calumet and Sheboygan counties and well beyond trust Riesterer Financial with their financial, insurance and retirement planning and the company’s ability to design solutions for their needs.

Existing clients are spread across the country, and Riesterer Financial is licensed to serve them in states ranging from coast to coast. While some financial companies only want to work with the wealthiest clients and even establish minimum asset levels, Riesterer said, “It’s as much a pleasure to help new investors plan for their financial future as it is seasoned investors manage their portfolio.”

“Working with the team of financial

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The staff of Riesterer Financial Services in Kiel is comprised of (front, from left) Mark Manz, Ruth Reiss, Dawn Grube, Julie Osladil and Bonnie Goetsch; and (back) Jim Gresens, Glen Riesterer, Renae Riesterer, Karri Pauly and Jim Wilbert.