similar to one a customer wishes to have constructed, a tour of that completed home is arranged with the owners. “A client’s willingness to show their home to a prospective client is huge for us,” Heiberger said.

Our employees are craftsmen, said Christel and Heiberger. A major part of what they do is exercising their creative skills. We appreciate that and feel blessed to have them. We feel we treat them well and they treat us well, working hard and diligently. There is a great communication level between the foreman on the job and the customer, a factor that makes everything flow well. We have been complimented often by customers about our employees who conduct themselves ethically, with proper etiquette and are neat and orderly. Most people see how much effort we put into keeping all content; we are people pleasers, whether that be clients, employees, subcontractors, or our wives, Christel & Heiberger said.

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Christel said a lot is put into the bidding process even though we may not do the job. A prospective client may wind up purchasing an existing (spec) home or may go in a different direction or downsize. But what we do with them helps them make an informed decision.

Sometimes people will say to us, “Here is the house plan, and the lot is over there.” After studying the lot, we may find that the home is not designed for the lot. Talking with the client throughout the design and bidding process we ask important questions such as, What kind of exposure do you want? How long do you plan to live there? Are there or will there be children? “Our 30 years of experience has given us reason to ask these and other pertinent questions,” said Christel.

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