Christel & Heiberger: Going strong at 30
By Stephen Groessel
Stephen Groessel photo
The crew at Christel & Heiberger Builders, New Holstein, consists of (front, from left) Glenn Christel and Tom Heiberger; (middle) Scott Kleinhans, Tommy Heiberger, David Bruckner, Wayne Casper, Jacob Muehlbauer and Jennifer Pitzen: and (back) Tom Rabe, Ryan Bingenheimer and Kevin Kleinhans. The firm is marking its 30th anniversary this year.

The symbol —30— typed at the bottom of a reporter’s article denotes that the article has come to an end.

The journalistic symbol is rarely used today and its history has a multitude of explanations.

This year Christel & Heiberger Builders is marking its 30th milestone, a landmark in terms of the business and the partnership which Glenn Christel and Tom Heiberger have successfully maintained for 30 years. But unlike the —30— symbol in journalism, it does not mean the end. It simply means a milestone albeit an important one. While the construction firm is celebrating 30 years of continuous progress, it is looking forward to an even brighter future.

Heiberger said “We have been blessed in our business and partnership, and blessed with long-term employees. It is a family business, not only made up of blood relatives but also of friends who are akin to a family. We have been blessed with patient and understanding wives, and with trusting customers over a period of 30 years.”

As a carpentry firm Christel & Heiberger has been steadily busy over those 30 years. In all that time for only one week one spring season it had to lay off a couple of guys, said Christel. This kind employment record is unheard of in the construction business, he added.

“We want to thank the community for backing and and believing in us and what we do. We are very involved in every project. Tons of communication takes place with every customer and their project — their needs, wants and the final result and our goal which is to make the customer totally happy. We are perfectionists in all that we do. We are not just doing it for a living but because we enjoy it and want to make customers’ dreams come true,” said Heiberger.

Looking back over the years Christel and Heiberger reflected on how much the business has grown and changed. The business is so much different from earlier years, with technology changing things and with better tools and building processes. New and remodeling projects become visual for customers. Technology is a nice tool for us giving customers a look at the exterior and interior and how their furnishings will fit. We help design it and decorate it by helping them select colors and flooring types and we make recommendations to pull everything together, the business partners said.

Another great help for customers is the annual Parade of Homes at which people can study firsthand their work. Apart from the Parade of Homes, if a particular home which Christel & Heiberger built is

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