look to Weber Well Drilling to provide quality, reliable services: whether installing a new well or repairing an old one.

Well drilling is performed utilizing a modern rotary rig. Ground structure and water flow and quality will influence total necessary casing and well depths. Before a new well is drilled, estimates can be requested. By investigating nearby wells, a general idea of what might likely be encountered during drilling, and likely resulting depths, can be obtained—allowing the customer a better idea of what to expect. All wells must be constructed to comply with current DNR codes.

Pumps and tanks

Honoring your preferences, Weber Well Drilling can install conventional or constant-flow pumps and systems. The company specializes in Goulds (www.goulds.com)and Grundfos (www.grundfos.com)pumps. Grundfos is a leader in constant pressure systems and has pumps that automatically adjust to your water needs. Most of Weber’s pumps and tanks feature five-year included warranties, at no additional charge to the customer.

Weber Well Drilling provides both conventional system tanks and the much smaller constant-flow-system tanks. Goulds conventional system HydroPro tanks feature corrosion-resistant bases, impact-resistant exterior coating, and many other exceptional features. Flex-Lite fiberglass tanks are lightweight and corrosion-resistant. Well-x-trol tanks (http://www.amtrol.com/wellx-trol. htm) by Amtrol take up very little room, and are designed to work hand-in-hand with

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constant-pressure systems. Abandonments, sampling and inspections, upgrades and repairs are all services provided by Weber Well Drilling.

Old or unused wells can be safely and quickly abandoned, complete with reports and compliance with DNR codes.

If you simply want to test your water quality, or if your well needs an inspection for a property sale, Webers can provide the appropriate water and system testing and reports. Webers also works to bring wells up to current code, in compliance with regulations, and for the safety and convenience of customers. Common upgrade needs may consist of extending the well casing, or installing a vermin-proof well-cap to keep contaminants and bugs from entering the well. Depending upon the individual problem, other solutions can include lining wells, screen installations, drilling existing wells deeper, system repairs or upgrades, well chlorinations for removal of bacteria, and much more.

If your water pressure is low, if you are out of water, if your tank is leaking... whatever your problem, the crew at Weber’s is ready to assist you. They are available Mondays through Fridays, 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. for regular repair work, plus 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency work... working hard every day, to keep pure, clean water flowing freely for you.

For questions or to schedule your work, visit the Web site’s contact page (www.weberwell.com),or call 1-800-382-1659 or (920) 849-2400.