City of New Holstein making progress in all areas
The City of New Holstein Aquatic Center has made quite a splash since opening a couple years ago, attract visitors from a 25-mile radius of the community. In the inset photos, earth is being moved (lower left) for Altitude Roofing’s new buildings in the Tax Increment District, where Gruett’s (upper right) located during 2011.

The word progress is all about moving forward, even though sometimes that comes with challenges.

The City of New Holstein is doing just that—moving forward. As with most change, there are speed bumps to overcome in order to reach goals.

When a person talks about progress in the city, it can be classified into many areas including residential, commercial, industrial and administrative.

Progress in New Holstein’s residential sector can be seen in the new energy encompassing the community. A younger generation is occupying the city, drawn by the housing market, School District, parks and recreation system, Aquatic Center, churches, civic organizations and the safe, “small town” standard of living for which they have been looking.

An economic development study of New Holstein recently unveiled by a Madison-based firm might have surprised some people when it was revealed that the community has an above average number of young families living in it compared to other small cities in the area and state. This new shift in the city’s demographics will create a new demand for different businesses, event planning and recreational development.

New generation coming in

This new generation also is popping up in the ownership of historic busi-

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