Bob Schoenborn’s Jewelry has new look
Schoenborn’s Jewelry in Kiel continues to serve consumers with elegant taste in jewelry and exquisite gift ideas. From left are Bob Schoenborn, Sue Schoenborn, Missy Brandt and Abbey Schoenborn.

Looking in the windows of Bob Schoenborn’s Jewelry in Kiel, it doesn’t appear much has changed over the years — but when you walk in the door, you will not only see new faces, but new merchandise as well. You will be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable staff of jewelers as you enter a store filled with rich tradition.

Like his father and mother, Oscar and Edna, and his grandfather Matt, Bob has been working in the jewelry business all his life, joining the jewelry store in 1974. Schoenborn’s Jewelry has been an anchor store on Fremont Street in Kiel since 1945 and has provided generations of families with jewelry, clocks, watches, and gifts, and that tradition continues today with Bob Schoenborn’s Jewelry.

As a master jeweler, clock and watch repairman, Bob has been restoring customer’s rings, clocks and watches, and other jewelry items for the past 38 years. All work is done right in the store, which is something not all jewelry stores can offer. Customers can feel comfortable that their jewelry will be done correctly and never leaves the store.

Do you have a drawer full of jewelry that you don’t wear any more? We can help you by buying your old, unwanted gold and diamond jewelry, and you will be paid the fair market price for that day. Or you can trade it in towards the purchase of a new piece of jewelry. Appraisals are also available on all jewelry items whether they have been purchased with us or not and all appraisals are done in store.

New life for old rings

For all of your rings that don’t fit, are

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damaged, or just need a little or a lot of touch up, we can help. Ring repairs we do right in the store including sizing, welding rings together, crown replacing, prong retipping, and replacing lost stones and all other repair needs.

We will also work with customers who are looking to create their own custom made pieces of jewelry, whether it’s using your diamonds and colored stones, trading up for a new look, or designing something completely new.

Bob Schoenborn’s Jewelry also does clock repairs, which include all varieties of clocks—antique and new wall clocks, mantel, cuckoo, and grandfather clocks. Watch repairs are also done in store and include repairs of new and antique men’s and ladies wrist watches and pocket watches.

Our sterling silver jewelry selection has recently been expanded to include the Lorenzo line of sterling and gemstone pieces and added Marcasite pendants, Hot Diamonds, and Ed Levin.

We have over 300 styles of rings to choose from—engagement, wedding, anniversary, and gemstone rings. We also carry a large selection of loose diamonds to compliment your ring choices. We will take the time to educate our customers so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Bob Schoenborn’s Jewelry also has a large selection of men’s and women’s quality watch styles from Citizen’s, Bulova, Accutron, Caravelle, and Timex. A

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