Honest Abe’s offers collectibles

Honest Abe’s Shop at 1623 Wisconsin Ave. (STH 32/57) in New Holstein offers a wide variety of collectibles, gifts, sports memorabilia, and DVDs/CDs.

“We hope to carry something for everyone,” said Ryan Roe, who opened the shop on Jan. 2.

Community consignment is available in the shop. It allows people to sell their items in the shop that they no longer want. The person dropping off the item will collect 80 percent of the sale. If their items do not sell after a month the person picks it up again at no charge. The back room at the store is available for consignment items.

“Our main goal of the consignment is to allow people in the community to get some good deals on items that other people no longer want or have use for,” Roe said. “A wide selection of items are appropriate for consignment, so all