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the day after they are ordered.

With more than two years in as the owner of his own business, Krebsbach said he is enjoying what he is doing. “It’s just the freedom—I don’t have a boss,” he said, adding that he enjoys the fact the shop has windows looking out onto the busy highway. Every now and then he can take a break from fixing vehicles to glance outside at the cars going by—until the next one pulls in needing the professional help of Roadside Service.

Scott said he is doing a lot more electrical system repairs on vehicles, which might again be a factor of people hanging on to vehicles longer.

“We try to get them turned around as quick as you can,” he added about his goal for turnaround time on vehicles. Pickup and delivery of vehicles is offered as a service.

In addition, Roadside Service has Interstate batteries in stock and for sale, as well as offering about 40 different brands of tires which usually can be picked up