What to look for in college programs

The college experience means different things to different people.

An undergrad straight out of high school might consider Saturday football games and fraternity events part of the deal. But if you are a working professional heading back to school, chances are you are going to be a lot less concerned with the extracurricular aspects of college.

If you have already done the personal exploration that many associate with college, you are probably looking for a degree program which is focused strictly on your educational experience. Therefore, you might want a program which could disrupt your personal life as little as possible and offers a straightforward approach to furthering your education.

American InterContinental University (AIU) has designed many of its degree programs with these things in mind. Here are few amenities the school offers to make earning your degree a no-nonsense proposition which you might want to look for as you consider different degree programs.

¦ Flexible schedules. If you have a job or a family you need to take care of, attending the bulk of your classes in person is not always an option. Consider a school which offers classes on nights and weekends, or better yet online classes so you can focus on your coursework even with your busy schedule.

¦ Mobile learning made easy. With mobile technology rapidly advancing, the possibilities for online degree programs continue to evolve. For example, AIU offers both an iOS (both iPhone and iPad compatible) and Android app to students which can allow them to view assignments, check grades and contact their instructors. They also provide 24/7 tech support for online students.