Transform yourself at City Limits Studio
By Mary Matsumoto
The staff at City Limits Hair Studio and Day Spa in Kiel includes (front, from left) Betty Vogel, receptionist; and Denise Kosnicki, owner and stylist; and (back) Tanya Meyers, receptionist; Katie Mathes, stylist; Jane Pethan, receptionist; Dawn Herdt, stylist; Rebecca Halfmann, stylist; Peggy Thome, massage therapist; Rachael Halfmann, stylist; and Shaunna Meyers, stylist.

Walking into City Limits Hair Studio and Day Spa means more than a new hair style. It’s a total experience.

The studio, located on STH 67 in Kiel, has services that start from the tip of the toe to the top of the head.

City Limits opened in 1999, with goals of expanding, offering more to clients and easy access as far as parking and wheelchair accessibility.

Three women on the staff, Katie Mathes, Dawn Herdt and Betty Vogel, have been with Denise since the beginning. Rachel and Rebecca Halfmann started working there five years ago. Some of the 10-member staff are new. Shaunna Meyers, for instance, joins the staff as a cosmetologist, as well as specializing in skin care, and Peggy Thome, their certified massage therapist, has been there over a year and has several more years of experience.

But whether a beautician has been working at City Limits for a long time or has just arrived on the scene, each member has something special to offer. Some bring years of experience to the table. Others add youth and enthusiasm.

“We can offer a variety,” says Denise. “A young girl sometimes wants someone more her age that she can connect with. We have a range anywhere from 20 and older.”

Of course, the studio offers much more than hair treatment. Their new spray tanning session, for instance, gives customers a semi-permanent tan before leaving for a vacation or having a special event. For younger clients, studio owner Denise Kosnicki says spray tanning is just the ticket for special events, like proms.

“It lasts from five to seven days,” says Denise, “and will give you a little color in the winter.”

Denise has also brought in several product lines for women—Matrix, Kenra, TIGI and Paul Mitchell—which provides affordable hair products such as shampoos, conditioners, gels, and lotions for color-treated and normal hair, designed to bring out the hair’s natural

Mary Matsumoto photo

beauty. Most of their shampoos are sulfate free, meaning it will clean color treated hair without stripping color from the strands.

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