effect on the owner’s productivity and profitability.

Miller is also the proud manufacturer of the Ag-Bag silage bagging product line. Ag-Bag provides lower cost feed storage solutions for every size of farm, resulting in lower feed storage costs and less feed loss. Ag-Bag provides a way to reduce costly shrinkage and gives cows the kind of nutritious and palatable silage they prefer. The Ag-Bag system is proven to be the ideal environment for preserving high quality, highly digestible feed that raises production and herd health levels.

Ag-Bag continues to lead the industry with innovation and modern manufacturing methods. Ag-Bag’s commitment is evident with its X1114 Professional Ag-Bagger, the largest, highest capacity, most productive silage bagger available today. In 2012, Ag-Bag is planning

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to unveil a new silage bagger to nicely round out the Ag-Bag line. Dairies, beef producers and customer silage bagging operators alike all look to Ag-Bag for the economics of lower cost storage, significantly reduced storage losses, a convenient way to segregate feed types, and industry-leading resale value.

Miller-St. Nazianz, Inc. enjoyed outstanding sales growth in 2011, and as we continue into our 113th year of business, our growth and position in the market is strong. Agricultural commodities and net farm incomes are reaching record levels once again, and our production schedules and anticipated sales are aggressive. Should you be interested in employment opportunities with Miller-St. Nazianz, Inc., please contact Brian Voss at

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