Miller-St. Nazianz grows while serving
Miller-St. Nazianz produces the massive Nitro self-propelled sprayer for New Holland.

From that first day in 1899 when John Miller opened his farm supply store in the farming community of St. Nazianz right up to today, Miller-St. Nazianz, Inc. has grown while serving the agricultural community.

Today, under the leadership of the fifth generation of the Miller family, the company has numerous product lines, worldwide markets and a modern, expanding manufacturing center. Among the company’s assets are state-of-the-art business, engineering and manufacturing systems. The company’s strategy is based on a plan for growth in two directions— for its Ag-Bag forage equipment business, and in agricultural application equipment.

In 2011, record U. S.netfarm incomes

helped propel Miller to a record sales year, a perfect example of success resulting from the collision of preparation and opportunity. In fact, as a result of this excellent sales growth and significant hiring, Miller received the “Corporate Investment Award” as part of the Manitowoc County “2012 Excellence in Economic Development” program.

Miller is considered a niche market provider of high capacity, specialized, innovative application equipment. It is through designing and building technologically advanced equipment solutions, designed to maximize customers’ productivity, that Miller is able to achieve excellent sales growth. Its position in the market is one of a premium solution provider, with the most comprehensive line of application equipment, which is bolstered by a wide range of current product development initiatives.

Since the launch of the new Condor G Series sprayers, the product has enjoyed industry recognition and accolades, first being awarded as an AE 50 Outstanding Innovation by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) Resource magazine. The Condor has further been named the CropLife Iron Product of the Year, a FinOvation award winner by Farm Industry News, and a Top 10 New Products of the Year by AgProfessional magazine.

Condor sprayers constructed

The Condor G-Series sprayers are built with product tanks capable of holding 1,000 or 1,200 gallons of product. Machines are also equipped with Cummins QSB 6.7-liter engines and Allison transmissions. Select models can be fitted with the Spray-Air system, helping operators to penetrate dense canopies, and SmartDrive front-wheel assist. The active suspension features air bags on both front and rear axles, along with trailing arms and anti-sway bars for increased stability, says the company.

The flagship Miller Nitro 4000 Series combines technology with innovation to create the most advanced high clearance sprayers in the business. Since its first introduction, Miller Nitro sprayers have earned a reputation for industry leading productivity—the result of an adaptable front mount boom system, high capacity, balanced weight design, superior traction and hill climbing ability. The latest series, the Miller Nitro 4000 incorporates significant design innovation, and offers today’s applicators the ultimate in comfort, long season protection and a sprayer that will handle and outperform other application designs.

The Nitro 4000 Series includes five models featuring a higher level of comfort, as well as an award-winning four-wheel independent suspension. The suspension is hydraulically controlled and allows for a suspension travel on each wheel of 20 inches, giving it the ability to tame the toughest conditions and roughest terrain. The five models range from 215 hp to 365 hp diesel engines by Cummins. All models are fully equipped for high capacity performance with 150-gallon fuel tanks, 1,000-to 1,600-gallon product tanks, and booms up to 120 feet.

For even greater machine utilization,

the Miller Nitro 4000 offers an optional Quick Attach feature that allows for adding other front-mount toolbars, such as their own Nitrogen Injection Toolbars, swathers adaptor kits, and Oxbo corn detasslers. Growers and custom applicators have become accustomed to the added value and great durability of Miller Nitro sprayers. The leading 4000 series will have a more dramatic and positive

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