oxide emissions will be eliminated per year. That is equivalent to eliminating the greenhouse gas emissions from 5.7 passenger vehicles each year. In addition, on-site energy production of about 33,689 kWh’s/yr eliminates distribution losses and offsets rising energy costs.

Multiple players get it done

Bonde’s Quik Mart worked closely with EcoManity, LLC, located in Elkhart Lake, to determine the feasibility, incentive options and cost analysis of the PV System. EcoManity is a Midwest energy consulting company offering businesses, governments and homeowners renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.

Once it was determined to go ahead with the system, Bonde’s Quik Mart and EcoManity chose Arch Electric to install the system because of its extensive background and experience with PV

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installations in Wisconsin. Furthermore, Arch Electric is a leading designer and installer of renewable energy throughout the Midwest, having commissioned over two megawatts of renewable energy.

Hennings said Bonde’s Quik Mart is committed to reducing its carbon footprint. “We (as a society) need to find alternative energy sources. We strive to be forward thinking to get ahead.” She added, “I think we have to keep trying. It’s too easy for everyone else to sit back. I think it’s really exciting.”

Hennings said, “We thought that the pole-mounted PV system was a good idea since the panels last 30 to 50 years. People need to see it working to believe it works.” As a result of installing the PV system, Bonde’s Quik Mart will be able to pass its savings along to its customers.

EcoManity and Arch Electric recently presented the Green Achievement Award to Bonde’s Quik Mart for installing the system. Hennings said it is a little too early to get a good handle on the cost savings, but added, “I sure do notice when the sun shines.”

Kiel location since 2003

Bonde’s Quik Mart employees always try to make the sun shine for customers coming into one of their stores. Hennings has owned the location on STH 32/57 on Kiel’s north side since September 2003 and said the location is doing well despite the competitive atmosphere in the area among convenience stores. “It’s fun for me to work in the town I live in,” she said.

But she also makes the almost daily trip to Cleveland, getting up at 2:56 a. m. to get there to help get the store ready for the day while two employees are busy baking bread, buns, cookies, donuts and bars and making fresh deli sandwiches. Those fresh items are available daily at both locations. Hennings said their country boy (ham, summer sausage, bologna and cheese) and chicken salad sandwiches are their most popular sandwiches. In the bakery, Bonde’s chocolate chip cookies and peanut squares are drawing rave reviews.

Hand-dipped Cedar Crest ice cream is also available at Bonde’s Quik Mart, along with all the other conveniences one would expect from a C-store.

The Citgo stores are supplied by Condon Oil of Ripon, and Hennings said both companies have been great partners. She encourages customers to take advantage of Citgo gift and credit cards, both of which offer discounts on gasoline.

In the past year, Bonde’s Quik Mart updated its outdoor gasoline signage in Kiel and plans to do the same in Cleveland this year.