Homestead gets people back on feet
By Mark Sherry
Daisy Sutrick of Reliant Rehabilitation helps Homestead Care Center resident Irene Dickrell work her way back from a pelvis injury.

Irene Dickrell notices the smile on the face of Daisy Sutrick.

“She has a smile on her face even when she makes you do something,” Irene said of Daisy.

Irene is a five-year resident of Homestead Care Center in New Holstein. Daisy is the new director of therapy at the Homestead.

At the moment, Daisy is making Irene hold on to one of the parallel bars in a therapy room at the Homestead while Irene works her legs in various directions. It tires Irene out and sometimes might be a bit uncomfortable, but Irene said she knows Daisy is just doing her job—with a smile on her face.

Daisy is employed by Reliant Rehabilitation, a leading provider of therapy management services to hundreds of hospitals, nursing facilities and other health care providers across the country. Homestead Care Center contracts with Reliant Rehabilitation for its services so that people like Daisy and other therapists can come in and help people like Irene.

Irene said she was reaching for something in her room a little more than a month ago. “All of a sudden I was falling backwards,” she said. The fall resulted in a fractured pelvis.

On her way back

With Daisy’s help, however, Irene is well on her way to getting back to normal. “She likes to see you do it and you feel like you want to do it,” Irene said of the exercises Daisy gives her and oversees while she does them.

Daisy has Irene do some stretching, side walking, lifting herself up, and strengthening her body with the help of light ankle weights, among other activities. They are all things Daisy learned while getting her degree as a physical therapist assistant at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College in Green Bay, as well as working as a therapist at Bellin Hospital in Green Bay.

“I think it’s a very nice facility that has a lot of potential to build up their case load,” Daisy said of her initial impressions of Homestead Care Center, having started working there in December.

She said the facility has the necessary equipment and space to provide quality services, and the new outpatient entrance on the east side of the building is especially convenient as it is adjacent to a parking lot. “It’s a nice setup for outpatients,” Daisy said, encouraging medical providers and individuals to consider Homestead Care Center for their therapy services. In addition to physical therapy, people can get occupational and speech/ hearing therapy at Homestead Care Center. “It’s available to anyone who needs it,” Daisy said.

Rooms in therapy wing

Homestead Care Center has created fully furnished semi-private and private patient rooms in the same wing as its therapy center so that short-term patients can stay close to those facilities and separate from the rest of the nursing home. Short-term stays tend to range from as little as five days to a couple months.

The facility can accommodate any hospital discharge schedule, accepting admissions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call 898-4296 for more information about outpatient therapy or any other services of Homestead Care Center.

Irene has needed therapy before this most recent incident as she also was treated for back problems. “I did real good,” she said about her response to treatments at that time. As for this most recent incident, she added, “If I’m doing good, pretty soon I’ll just be doing exercises in my room.”

Residents of Homestead Care Center know they can and will get help for any of their needs, but therapy services are just a small part of what happens on a daily basis at the facility located at 1712 Monroe St.

All residents have access to all the building’s amenities, including a chapel with religious services, salon, mini-kitchen, library, a full body whirlpool in a spa-like setting, cable TV, exercise and fitness programs, emergency call response system, regular music and other entertainment, restaurant-style dining, a private family lounge area, and free wireless internet.

“I like it,” Irene said of Homestead Care Center. “Next to home, it’s my favorite place. If you’re willing, you can make a lot of friends here... Here you get all the help you need. They have a lot of activities here, too.”

With the help of the therapists at Homestead Care Center, Irene soon will be taking part in those activities with her friends once again.

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