Small town right place for Dr. Pieper
By Mike Mathes
The staff at Pieper Dental Clinic enjoys taking care of patient needs in a comfortable setting. The clinic has been part of the Kiel area dental care landscape for the past 25 years. Seated from left are Val Wiedensee, Kim Hephner and Gladys Rickert. The back row includes Sherry Schneider, Wendy Scholz, Dr. David Pieper, Terese Koenigs and Jane Mertens.

Small town life, like small town dentistry, suits Dr. David Pieper just fine.

In fact, it has suited him so well, that Dr. Pieper will be celebrating his 25th year in Kiel this year.

“It doesn’t seem like 25 years,” he said. “It has passed so quickly. I truly enjoy coming to work each day. My staff and I like to create a caring, relaxed environment allowing our patients to be comfortable during their treatment.”

Fancying the small town

Dr. Pieper was accustomed to a small town atmosphere, being raised in rural Minnesota. He graduated from Marquette School of Dentistry and became an associate of Dr. Michael Baus in 1987. “Practicing in Kiel, you get to know everyone. In our case we have been here long enough to thave the privilege to provide dental services to multiple generations of families,” he said.

After one year, Dr. Pieper purchased the dental clinic on Paine Street.

“It was pretty interesting as Dr. Dave Deubler had started his medical practice in the same building a year earlier. We went through a lot of growing pains together,” Dr. Pieper said.

Eventually, both professionals outgrew that Paine Street clinic, with Dr. Pieper moving his office to Park Avenue in 1997.

A time to expand

For the Pieper Dental Clinic, the move to Park Avenue provide a chance to expand. In fact, the clinic jumped from 700 square feet to just under 3,000 feet, quadrupling in size.

Mostly, those changes were fashioned to meet the needs of our patients. “We designed this clinic with an open concept—we watned it to have a relaxing feeling, while offering patient privacy. Each treatment room has access to windows that overlook flowerbeds and bird feeders, which our patients seem to enjoy,” Dr. Pieper said.

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