Spring cleaning tricks for office areas

(BPT)—Being a small-business owner or home-based professional is hard work.

Long hours may come with big rewards, but maintaining a clean and well-organized office might just be one of the many sacrifices. Do you think the mess does not matter when it comes to the bottom line? The reality might surprise you.

Productivity and workplace cleanliness are directly related, meaning dust and grime is more than just an eyesore. A clean office produced a 5 percent productivity gain, according to a study conducted by HLW International LLP. What is more, employee morale and engagement improve when an office is organized and clean, which in turn means higher productivity.

To keep your office clean and productivity pumping, consider these five smart tips and tricks:

1. Stock your cleaning arsenal. When you have the right cleaning supplies and tools on hand, it is easier to adopt and stick with a cleaning routine. Some essentials include paper towels, all-purpose spray cleaners, dusters and air deodorizers. Fortunately, you can get everything you need to maintain a clean and tidy office at Staples. Visit www.staples.comto place an order—you can

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