Chilton Housing offers 44 units in city
Chilton Housing Authority offers 44 residential units in the city in a variety of buildings to income-eligible people, the elderly, and people with disabilities.

Often confused with traditional rental properties or the Section 8 housing choice voucher program, Chilton Housing Authority may be unique to the immediate area but is among 3,300 housing authorities across the country.

Founded in 1981, Chilton Housing Authority is a non-profit government agency whose responsibility is the ownership and operation of subsidized housing programs for income eligible families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. They provide well kept, safe, and affordable rental housing for their residents.

A total of 44 units are located within the city of Chilton. The authority’s largest complex, Stanton Place at 312 Bonk St. in Chilton, opened in 1983 and features 32 one-bedroom units. Twelve additional three-bedroom units are scattered throughout the city.

The Housing Authority’s office is located within Stanton Place. Executive Director Colleen Connors said she is passionate about the role of Chilton Housing Authority within the community. “We take great pride in our facilities and it is an honor to provide needed housing to members of our community. We continue to remodel and update our apartments including replacing carpeting and flooring, cupboards, appliances and painting and our residents appreciate what we have to offer. Chilton Housing Authority continues to be recognized for excellent performance in administration of Public Housing by being awarded the designation of ‘High Performer’ by the Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). This designation is based on the Housing Authority’s score of 91 percent out of a possible 100 in HUD’s Public Housing Management Assessment Program. This achievement is particularly gratifying in view of the fact it has been attained through a time of declining federal funds as well as unfunded mandates,” Connors said.

Stanton Place is a single story secured apartment complex with each of the 32 units featuring a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and an accessible bathroom. Two call aid devices are located in each apartment for added personal safety. The common corridors include laundry facilities located on both wings of the building, a front lobby with a fireplace and indoor mailboxes, and a centrally located 1,232 square foot community room. The space accommodates 83 people and includes a kitchen, lounging and computer area and numerous tables used for games or meals. The Community Room provides a daily gathering place for socialization as well as a large venue for in-house events and a space for residents to reserve for private family gatherings.

“Our residents at Stanton Place as well as our families in the 12 outlying units have a choice of paying a flat rent or an adjusted rent. Most choose the adjusted rent which is formula based taking into consideration income, assets, expenses, and in the case of families their number of children. As a Housing Authority, we receive a subsidy from the federal government to assist in our operating costs although we are seeing an increase in need to explore additional sources of funding as available funds have annually decreased,” Connors said.

Chilton Housing Authority is considered public housing, not transitional or emergency housing. “Many of our residents at Stanton Place receive outside home health services extending their residence in independent housing for years. Our family units provide low-income families an opportunity to receive affordable housing, which in turn enables them to move on to the private sector. To date, 27 former family residents have become homeowners. It may take months or a few years but it is wonderful to provide them that opportunity for a new start in life,” Connors said.

Chilton Housing Authority encourages interested persons to view their Web site at www.chitonhousingauthority.comand welcomes appointments for a guided tour by calling (920) 849-7042 Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays, 7:30 a. m. to 4 p. m.