10-year anniversary
Mud Creek Coffee Café now known as much for its food
By Mark Sherry
Taylor Parsons is the manager of Mud Creek Coffee Café in Stockbridge.

It has been a decade since Mud Creek Coffee Café opened its doors in Stockbridge but, to paraphrase an old ad slogan, they’re not getting older, they’re getting better.

“It’s really hard to believe,” owner Julie Parsons said when asked to reflect on the fact that as of June 5 Mud Creek will have been open for a full 10 years.

“We’ve changed so much in the scope of the 10 years,” Julie added. She recalled how she planned for Mud Creek to be a coffee shop with a little food available, but how today it is known just as much for its food as its coffee. She attributes that to two primary reasons—listening to what their customers want, and the growth of daughter Taylor in the business.

Still just 23 years old, Taylor is now the manager of Mud Creek Coffee Café. Julie said Taylor has become the face of the business. “She is who the customers know,” Julie said.

Starting as a young teen

Taylor was just 14 when she started working in the business about a year after it opened. When she first started she was doing dishes but progressively worked her way up. “She was dying to get into the coffee bar,” Julie said.

In recent years the biggest thing Taylor has helped bring to Mud Creek Coffee Café is a greater focus on ever fresher and healthier menu choices and ingredients in their food. They said customers are loving the taste of their food, so they are eating healthier and enjoying it even more.

As examples, Mud Creek Coffee Café chops its own fresh romaine lettuce for salads and serves spring mix and spinach as well. Diners can get chips or house-made pasta salad with their paninis, wraps, and sandwiches, but Mud Creek Coffee Café also now offers a side salad. Their new soup line carries the slogan “nothing artificial, everything delicious.” All deli meat is now 100 percent natural, no preservatives. Milk alternatives such as soy, coconut and almond are offered for customers who are seeking those. “There’s something on our menu for everybody,” Julie said.

Taylor even has been experimenting with a very healthy green smoothie using kale and avocado which she hopes to introduce by this summer.

Menu has grown tremendously

Back in June 2006 Julie could not have imagined the menu they have today with dozens of offerings and a gluten friendly line-up. They started with a single breakfast croissant but now have eight breakfast offerings served all day and another 10 served until 11 a. m., including a variety of scrambles (eggs over roasted potatoes with a variety of other toppings available), breakfast burritos

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