Relaxation good for overall health

In today’s busy society, people are continually searching for ways to reduce stress, relax and, in general, improve their health.

Licensed massage therapist Sherry Winkel of Therapeutic Touch, LLC in Kiel invites people to experience those things and more.

Massage therapy tends to increase general health and well-being of clients and can provide both physical and emotional benefits to the body. The basic goal or intention of massage therapy is to reduce stress, relax muscles, diminish pain, bring the body back into balance, promote overall wellness, and increase circulation.

It can also lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, increase range of motion, and enhance the immune system, to name a few benefits.

Some types of massage therapy offered at Therapeutic Touch, 317 Fremont St., are relaxation, therapeutic (deep tissue), touch for health, craniosacral therapy, lymphatic, Raindrop Therapy, Polarity Therapy, and facial massage. Some people may inquire about neti pot applications and/or ear candling as a means to help alleviate sinus pressure, and others how to use essential oils, about nutrition, general wellness, and more.

“Massage therapy is one way to help ease our body back into balance,” Winkel said. “We do need to look at other areas of our life as well to work toward a balanced body though. Some ways to assist the body to regain balance along with massage therapy would be to get regular exercise, make stretching part of your daily routine, add breathing exercises, and have a quiet time each day. Making some dietary changes such as eliminating/cutting back on caffeine, sugar, white flour, and preservatives and drinking more purified water can make a noticeable difference. Try any of the above suggestions one at a time and you will likely notice a positive change.”

She added, “Start today, take charge of your health, and take the time to start listening to your body. Make massage therapy a part of your health regime and call today for an appointment.”

Jeanne Stoelting, a licensed massage therapist, also works at Therapeutic Touch, LLC. She can be reached at (920) 286-0141, or the office at 894-7976.

Winkel is a certified massage therapist in Wisconsin, an Associated Polarity Practitioner, nationally certified, and continues to take educational seminars. She is a member of American Massage Therapy Association and American Polarity Therapy Association.

Sherry’s business hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment only, and other hours by request depending on availability. Call 894-7976 to schedule an appointment. Gift certificates also are available and can be used as gifts for all kinds of occasions.