True Value has more big things on way
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Melissa Reese and Jeff Dietz are continually bringing in new products and making upgrades to improve New Holstein True Value. Some more big changes will happen in the coming months at the store.

Look for big things in the coming months from New Holstein True Value as Melissa Reese and Jeff Dietz continue to set and pursue the vision they have for the store.

“We’re looking toward our future,” Melissa said. “It’s optimistic.”

Under the leadership of the Reese family, New Holstein True Value has long been one of the area’s most innovative retailers. That has only increased since Melissa purchased the store from parents Ron and Dianne. The willingness of Melissa and Jeff to try new things and keep making improvements at New Holstein True Value continued in 2015, and it is certainly not going to change in the remainder of 2016. “Jeff and I are looking toward the future and the store’s future,” Melissa said.

Some of the details are still being worked out and are not ready to be released, but some significant physical changes to the store are being planned for the coming months.

From the outside, customers and passers-by will see a new facade—including new front doors—and new signage all around the building. Exterior signage will feature the various departments people can find inside the store, and a bold new True Value sign will be erected above the new awning and doors at the front of the store. Local contractors— including Engelwood Signs—are being used wherever possible. The exterior of the building was repainted in 2015 as a precursor to the new signage.

Former cleaners to be used

The new facade will extend across the former Imperial Cleaners building which is owned by Melissa. Ken Welker recently took a job with Lindeman’s Cleaning of Green Bay and has closed Imperial Cleaners, but the services provided by the business will remain for New Holstein area residents as New Holstein True Value is now the drop-off site for dry cleaning and clothing repair. People simply need to bring their clothing items to the checkout area at True Value. Each Wednesday the accumulated items will be picked up and taken to Green Bay for service and returned the following Wednesday.

Lindeman’s Cleaning can dry clean leather and suede, launder shirts and blouses, provide alterations, and clean everything from area rugs to car mats to wedding dresses. After each customer’s first use of the service they will receive a Lindeman’s cleaning bag to use on subsequent drop-offs.

An even bigger aspect to that change is the fact that Melissa and Jeff plan to have a local contractor create a doorway into the former dry cleaners building and expand their already impressive quantity and variety of products.

Also helping in the expansion of product lines was the construction of a 62 foot by 30 foot storage shed in the past year on the west side of the rear parking lot. Pallet racks are being installed in the new shed to allow some large and bulk items to be stored there. Once things get moved around it will create even more room inside the store for even more products.

Amazed at everything in store

“If people came in and walked the store, they’d be amazed,” Melissa said. She said she cannot count the number of times over the years that someone has come in and noticed something in the store and admitted they have been driving to stores 25 to 35 miles away to buy the same product. Jeff and Melissa said that trend seems to be changing because people have such little time and realize they can save an hour of drive time by shopping locally. “We get to the point where people come in and say, ‘Please tell me you have this.’”

From paint to mortar mix and many other items, contractors and other business people are able to work out high-volume orders with New Holstein True Value, and many businesses are already doing so.

For the everyday consumer, there is

also more at New Holstein True Value than they can imagine—and more on the way. For example, shoppers will find everything from a full line of quality Weber grills to the Melissa and Doug toy line. New Holstein True Value has added an eight-foot section of camping supplies. It carries Fairy Garden figurines, pet food and supplies, and pet memorial plaques.

Melissa and Jeff are very responsive to the needs and wishes of customers. People were asking for maple syrup tapping supplies this spring, and now there is a four-foot section of them. The same goes for beekeeping supplies as that hobby gains more interest. Irrigation and transfer hoses and fittings for agricultural, landscaping, and commercial use also have been added upon the suggestion of customers.

Rental expanded, refreshed

New Holstein True Value’s rental department also continues to not only grow but also get turned over with new, upgraded products.

New Holstein True Value has such a variety of products and services that sometimes even employees Ron Reese, Marlene Schwantes, Kristin Peters, and Paula Anhalt—and even Melissa and Jeff—have to pause to think for a moment where something is located.

Equally important as the scope of products available at the store is the level of service provided. Service is much more than a word at New Holstein True Value. Melissa and Jeff each have so many years of experience in doing and assisting such a broad variety of projects that they are almost like having a consultant at the customers’ fingertips. They are frequently out on the store floor making themselves available to customers who need assistance.

Despite everything which New Holstein True Value has and does, Melissa acknowledged, “We can’t be everything to everyone.” But they are a lot to a lot of people, and much more than some people know or expect. “Every week there’s something different coming in,” Jeff said. “The more we can stuff into the store, the more we can keep them here.”

Melissa said that is the goal—to keep building the business and bring more people in to find what they need and/or want. “We’re investing in New Holstein and our future,” she said.