Raether continues to focus on service
By Faye Burg
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Dr. Jon Raether of Raether Chiropractic Service is celebrating 20 years of providing services to area residents. Raether is assisted by Cassandra Stephanie.

Since its beginning in 1957, Raether Chiropractic Office has taken great pride in customer service.

That same philosophy holds true today, as Dr. Jon Raether celebrates 20 years in business.

The practice was originally opened by Jon’s father, Charles, with Jon taking the reins in August of 1995. Jon expanded the practice to Elkhart Lake in 1997, offering two convenient locations for clients six days a week.

“We always welcome new patients,” Raether said. “If you call, we can always make room and get you in the same day. I don’t like to see someone suffer.” Your first visit includes a no charge consultation. Also done on your first visit is on-site X-rays, orthopedic exam and chiropractic adjustment.

Different types of adjustments

Offering the gentler activator adjusting, along with the traditional manual manipulation, Raether performs a steady mix of different types of adjustments to meet the needs of his patients.

“My main goal is to find out which spinal joint or vertebrae is misaligned, which puts pressure on nerves causing discomfort,” he explained. “We work to decrease pain and maintain optimal health.”

Raether works on all joints of the body including knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, plantar fasciitis and more. “There is no better place to get relief than through chiropractic,” Raether said.

Raether Chiropractic offers much more than chiropractic services. Raether is proud to offer many different forms of therapies including cold laser, ultrasound and electronic stimulation. “We offer additional forms of therapy to decrease pain and inflammation and speed up healing,” he added.

Big changes since he started

Raether said health care has seen major changes since he began his practice 20 years ago. “Health care has changed drastically, but our cornerstone is customer service. We want patients to feel at home here. We have a very comfortable atmosphere.” Raether said it is important for patients to be comfortable and at east in order to heal. “We take health very seriously,” he said, adding part of helping patients feel at ease is creating a happy atmosphere. “We are light hearted here and like to laugh,” he added.

Raether has found that proper chiropractic care can improve other areas of his patient’s lives. “By treating chiropractic issues, we find it helps with acid reflux issues and other bodily functions such as constipation, asthma and allergies. People have fewer issues when they get adjusted.”

Chiropractic services are not just for adults, as Raether sees many newborn patients as well. “Birth is traumatic and adjustments help babies with colic and it helps them progress for overall health.”

Thankful for a busy schedule, Raether is proud to be celebrating 20 years in business and would like people to know his practice offers other services in addition to chiropractic. “We offer shoe supports and orthotics,” he said. “We have some of the finest orthotics made right here in our office.” Patients feet are individually digitally scanned and custom orthotics are created and made especially for each individual foot. “Good foot balance is the base of spine health,” Raether said. “Right here you can get fitted for the best foot orthotics, and we back them up.” The complimentary 3D digital thermal foot scan enables the ability to show the patient a computerized print out of not only where the feet have broken down, but it also shows how it has affected their knees, hips and spine.

Nutrition important, too

Nutrition is also an important component for optimal health, and Raether offers high quality vitamins and minerals to his clients as well. “We have professional grade vitamins and minerals here,” he said. “There are no fillers. They are about as pure as you can get when it comes to vitamins.”

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