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to grow at the same pace we have, but we have plans of expanding this year already,” Tom said.

Those plans include the planned acquisition of a small grind shop elsewhere in Wisconsin which would remain where it is but aid ATI’s operations.

Crucial to ATI’s continued growth and success is its work force. Tom said about a third of the company’s employees are from the “Holyland” area. In addition, in the past three years the company has added three tool grinders whom Tom called “very good” and who sought out employment at ATI from its competitors. That speaks well of the work environment ATI has created, both physically and otherwise. The ATI shop is clean, organized, and comfortable, all of which contributes toward an excellent end product.

The Pankratz family continues to plan for the future, and a key part of those plans is son-in-law Greg Schrage. He has been with the company for the past four years. With a background as a certified public accountant, Greg has been very valuable in helping to manage the financial aspects of the rapidly growing business, Tom said.