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n Comforting to the mind’s eye. n Peaceful and calming.

It’s the atmsophere in which the Chilton Furniture showroom gives ideas to help your space ideas come alive.

Welcomed and appreciated

Customers at Chilton Furniture will never get attacked by high pressure sales people bearing clip boards.

You can expect to be greeted in a warm, welcoming fashion, much like a friend that might invite you to coffee or tea.

The staff respects your need to be “just looking” yet understands their responsiiblity to be available for a bit of friendly hand-holding when you are ready to dig into the serious decision-making part of your search.

In the laid back Chilton Furniture approach, design associates are ready to help customers articulate their design ideas and offer potential solutions to their needs. They enjoy dreaming together with the customer, while offering their honest and experienced views about products that might be considered inorder to achieve those design dreams.

That’s because Chilton Furniture’s vision allows them space to plan, dream, ponder and even second guess their own creative decision making process without any undue pressure.

Inspirations flow

Careful attention to galleries and displays in the store are a hallmark of the Chilton Furniture experience.

A showroom that is ever-evolving always presents new experiences, new concepts and new color schemes to inspire those working on interior changes in their homes.

Because creativity isn’t static, Chilton Furniture’s showroom offers a constant rotation of new ideas and products.

“It’s great to see the excitement that our staff embraces as we are making changes to our showroom,” owner Jerry Mallmann said. “It inspires them and gives them new and refreshing ideas, just as it does for our customers.”

Color is a major issue for interior design, and Chilton Furniture takes great care to offer varying color combination in its show room. Seeing color schemes carefully placed can offer just that look that a customer is seeking for their own living space.

On more than one occasion, a conversation about creative design ideas has prompted a customer to ask for specific paint swatches they have seen in a showroom setting.

The experienced staff of design associates offer professional insights into the right color combinations for your space.

Getting colors, tones and hues right is a highly personal choice. Design associates take a back seat to customer ideas for the most part. But, they also find a tactful means of making alternative suggestions when they know that today’s color choices might not provide the function a customer seeks.

The whole process builds a trust that adds comfort and calm to those selecting furniture, floor coverings, bedding or any of the other numerous interior design options at Chilton Furniture.

“Our staff has been with us a long time,” Mallman said. “By nature, they have worked hard to establish those lasting relationships with people— friendships in some cases.”

Nothing beats the feeling that comes from a customer that leaves with a smile, feeling appreciated and well-served.

The Chilton Furniture experience goes beyond the showroom.

Just as giving space and professional design counseling speak to a culture of service, so do the efforts of the delivery staff.

Customers can expect a genuine feeling of appreciation from the Chilton Furniture representatives that deliver and install their new purchases. To Chilton Furniture, final impressions are just as vital and lasting as first impressions, so the staff makes sure to travel the extra mile to make that experience a positive one.

“Trends come and go. To us the most important part of what we do here is maintaining the relationships,” Mallmann said. “We want every one of our customers to feel that they have been treated with the utmost respect. We want them to know they are genuinely appreciated.”

Chilton Furniture’s staff encourages you to stop in to browse and enjoy the laid back shopping experience.

In addition to Mallmann, the staff includes design associates Gail Schabach and Ronda Roepke.

Cathylee Dreiling is the latest addition to the Chilton Furniture sales and design team, upon the retirement of long time associate Diane Bendickson this past year. Laura Meier serves as the office manager while sharing in the sales and design responsibilities when needed..

Chilton Furniture is located in Chilton’s Southside Shopping Center.

Store hours are Monday and Tuesday 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. Wednesday through Friday 9-8 and Saturday 9 to 3.

Rest assured that no matter when you stop, the staff is ready to serve you in a

respectful way, and.......

You know you will always find at least 90 recliners on the showroom floor. That’s how laid back things really are at Chilton Furniture.