Design inspirations!
Great, creative ideas abound in area’s most laid back showroom
By Mike Mathes

Living spaces are personal.

Planning design changes for those spaces is also a distinctly personal experience.

No one understands the value of your spaces better than Chilton Furniture. That’s why the Chilton Furniture experience offers a laid back approach to home design.

Just as one might bask in the relaxing atmosphere of a spa to relax and remove stress, the design associates at Chilton Furniture seek to promote the same relaxed, pressure free approach to letting customers work through their interior design needs.

In other words, they give space to those seeking to create comfort in their own living spaces. The laid back approach offers freedom, time and “room” for ideas to take shape.

That journey begins from the moment a customer enters the doorway at Chilton Furniture.

A world of color, ideas, shapes and

furniture unfolds like real life.....

n Pleasing to the senses.

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