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tomers with plant information. Videos on plant care and other information will also be shown on newly installed television screens.

“We have a relatively small staff for the size of our place,” Joe said.

“People like to help themselves. When they have questions, they want to talk with someone who has the right product knowledge. Temporary people just don’t have that kind of background,” he said.

“Our whole aim is to make it easy for our customers to walk around, find the plants they want and shop easily,” Marci added.

Family affair

Just as the Honeymoon Acres business has grown, so has the family that runs the business.

Three of the McShaw’s adult children work in the family operation. They have a love for the growing business as well.

Son Dwight enjoys growing the plants and working side by side with family, but he gets his greatest joy from making people happy. “People enjoy their plants and they take pride in what they grow. They should,” he said. “When a customer comes in and finds satisfaction in what they purchase, that’s pretty fulfilling.”

Clint is similarly proud of the business his parents have built. “I am so proud of the hard work they have put in and the way they have taught us all to value the hard work involved in running the business,” he said. Clint loves to see things growing and enjoys how things look different at specific times of the month and season.

Falena McShaw has enjoyed being involved with the family business from her youthful days, and she is thrilled with the changes the business has seen over the years. Falena brings her self-learned technology background to keeping the Honeymoon Acres website up to date. “I love having pictures everywhere for people to look at,” she said. “My generation isn’t into gardening as much as others, so I see it as an opportunity to make it more accessible for them.”

The website is a popular destination for Honeymoon Acres customers and gardening enthusiasts—getting nearly 2,000 visitors a week.

Keary Krupp joined the staff in October. One who enjoys working outdoors, he enjoys his focus on working with plants and stocking, but mostly he is grateful to be treated as one of the Honeymoon Acres family. Amy Schoenborn joined the Honeymoon Acres staff in January 2015. “It’s truly a family operation here,” she said. “And I feel honored that they treat me as part of the family. This is a great family to work for, and I am amazed at all of what happens here. I don’t think a lot of people realize what all goes on to help grow all the flowers and plants.”

Schoenborn said the work starts long before the growing season, when small cuttings arrive from all across the globe, and find their way into flats, baskets and planters through the transplanting process.

The reward comes in the spring and throughout the growing season, when the staff sees the happy smiles on their customers, beaming as they walk through the doors and see all the greens and colors bearing potential for their own yards and gardens.

Roy shares his thoughts

Any insights about Honeymoon Acres would be limited without a comment from the Roy, the Honeymoon Acres canine—a two-year-old golden retriever who enjoys the run of the grounds and serves as the official “greeter.”

A dog of few words, Roy simply said, “Bark,” when asked for his comments.

Roy’s insights pointed to the landscaping services offered by Honeymoon Acres. Among those services is the opportunity to have bark chips dropped off and spread into place at a home or business location.

“We take on a lot of the things other landscapers won’t do. We deliver and apply mulch. Some people hire use to clean up and care for their yards when they go on vacation, or if they can’t get to the work themselves,” Joe McShaw.

Landscaping service requests can be made directly through the Honeymoon Acres phone lines at 920-898-4490.

Open for the season

This year, with the advent of an early Easter and warm weather, Honeymoon Acres officially opened for the season on March 23.

That coincided with the opportunity to be available for customer visits on Easter Weekend.

Honeymoon Acres is located at 2600 Ford Drive, New Holstein and at www.honeymoonacres.comon the internet.

For more information, call 898-4490.