Honeymoon Acres keeps growing
By Mike Mathes
Spring is finally here, and the McShaw family and their staff are ready for it inside Honeymoon Acres.

Business is always growing at Honeymoon Acres.

Whether you refer to the plants growing for this spring planting season, or to the way Honeymoon Acres has grown into one of Wisconsin’s top greenhouses, you are right on both counts.

When they started their greenhouse business back in 1984, Joe and Marci McShaw set their sights on raising fresh produce and bedding plants.

Today , the greenhouse business has grown in leaps and bounds from the 1,000 square foot greenhouse and three acre produce plot, Honeymoon Acres has evolved into a major destination for plant lovers.

After 30+ years in the business, the McShaw family operates more than 122,000 square feet of greenhouse space, complete with a highly visible retail presence along Highway 57 north of New Holstein.

“Aside from that, we are getting back into the fresh produce business,” Joe McShaw said. “We will be adding more display area to offer fresh produce all summer—seven days a week.”

Honeymoon Acres plans to grow its own produce to supply its retail location, with more than 30 different vegetables being offered as they come into season. The vegetables will be grown free of herbicides commonly used for weed control.

Pumpkins will also comprise a major fall offering.

Customers can watch the digital marquee sign along the highway to see what tasty vegetables are in season as they drive by.

Aside from seeing the plant growth at Honeymoon Acres, customers will see new growth in the retail center this year.

“We like to do things for our customers. We always try to think of them first. Our business has always been built on our customers,” Joe McShaw said.

This year, Honeymoon Acres opened up more retail space in the front of its facility. “We are trying to make the retail area better for our customers,” Marci McShaw said. “It may look to some people like we took away parking to do it, but we have actually added more parking. It just feels different.” In addition to the retail space, Honeymoon Acres has added a multi-media area to its welcoming area. A multitude of flyers will be available to help cus-

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