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Those with 15 or more years experience at the Vande Hey Brantmeier Central Garage location are Justin Brantmeier, Mike Boll, Dustin Haberland, Dale Gebhart, Robert Salzman, Amy Beil, John Martin, and Dave Brantmeier. Not pictured are Dave Holmes and Todd Klein.

tise, customer service, and loyalty of all our employees—especially those that have been with us some time is what allows us tor provide great customer service and grow as a company.

“We believe strongly in getting our employees and customers to know each other on a first name basis.

“That is an organizational goal for all of our employees,” Brantmeier said. “ We want to continue to provide a family-owned, small-town experience with big town selection and amenities.”

That critical positive relationship with customers is borne out by a simple statistic.

Vande Hey Brantmeier ranks as the market leader in service retention based on dealer statistics for the region.

“It’s a two way street,” Brantmeier said. “Customers won’t keep coming back unless we provide them with outstanding service.”

Vande Hey Brantmeier has also earned numerous customer satisfaction awards for ranking among the top dealerships. Among them is the General Motors Mark of Excellence Award.

Vande Hey Brantmeier ranks among the top 10 percent of all dealerships in Wisconsin for sales effectiveness.

“Without a doubt, though, our biggest reward is seeing our customers that keep coming back,” Brantmeier noted. “That trumps anything a manufacturer can do to honor our efforts.” He said the strong relationships with the community and customer base are the combined result of all staff—sales, service and support.

Car and truck sales at Vande Hey Brantmeier bring a customer base that expands into many neighboring counties.

With the advent of the internet, Vande Hey Brantmeier continues to grow sales out of the area. Last year, the dealer even sold a car to a client from Alaska. This year’s distance award sales winner has been from Cleveland, Ohio to date.

Vande Hey Brantmeier believes that being a good neighbor is a two-way street. Out of appreciation for the backing of the area communities, the dealership has been a generous supporter of many local organizations.

“We have been a substantial supporter of area schools and in a smaller way as supporter of many organizations in our communities,” Brantmeier said. “We feel it’s an important part of being

a good citizen. This area has supported us and helped our business grow, and we want to do our part in being a good neighbor as well.”