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Photographer moving into studio at home
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Rachel and Nick Rolf and their children Alexis, Zander, and one-on-the-way stand in front of the new studio they are constructing outside their rural New Holstein home.

Sometime in the next month or so, Rachel Rolf’s commute to work is going to be a matter of steps instead of a matter of miles.

The photographer is often on the move to different venues for her Treasured Moments Photography & Design business, but soon the business itself will be on the move. Rachel and husband Nick are overseeing the finishing touches on her new photo studio located in a separate building constructed on their property just outside their home at W2345 Kiel Rd., New Holstein (about seven or eight miles straight west of her current location). She has been operating out of her studio at 510 Fremont St. in Kiel for about the last four years, and at another Fremont location a year prior to that. Originally renting a studio in Kiel was just a temporary move while their house was under construction a few years ago, and although a few months turned into a few years renting in town, they are happy to bring the business home again.

Rachel has taken plenty of photos of children over her years in the business, and spending more time with and also being closer to her own children is a big reason why they are making this move. Zander, 6, and Alexis, 4, said they are excited to be joined sometime in July by a third child, which further encouraged the couple to make this move.

The Rolfs said they are hoping to make the move sometime between March and the end of April. Nick, Rachel and family members have done as much of the work

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