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This is an example of a high-efficient Viessmann boiler installation.

foot apartment complex/retail building to be built in Appleton.

Extensive work by an outside engineer was needed to get proper permitting to install the geothermal heat exchangers in the Fox River.

D. R. Kohlman was contracted to do the desgin and installation for everything inside the building.

Another contractor was hired to do the installation of two large heat exchangers in the Fox River and the piping to the building.

Completed in 2014, Kohlman said the system has operated without a flaw through two heating and cooling seasons.

“Even though we have worked with geothermal systems for 30 years, we had never quite done an application like this,” he said. “It has worked so well that we are starting a second one right next door.”e

Pre-season check-ups important

Kohlman emphasized that home owners and building managers do not have to wait until something breaks down to make a phone call.

“People can be proactive with their cleaning schedules and preseason checkups,” he said.

“Check your air conditioning when its between 50-60 degrees outside, instead of waiting until its 90 degrees and it quits,” he said.

Annual inspections are also helpful for heating systems in the fall. Elsewhere in this edition, D. R. Kohlman’s ad offers a coupon to save $25 on a spring inspection.

Kohlman also indicated that, beginning April 1, special financing offers will be available. Call D. R. Kohlman for information at (920) 999-4631.

Projects can include air conditioning or indoor air quality equipment, as long as the qualifying pieces are part of the overall project.