Miss T’s

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dogs during finals.

Tyunaitis invites parents looking for

help for their children to contact her. “I will try to find out what their needs are and help them,” she said. “When I tutor students one on one it builds confidence and most advance two years.”

“I will do all in my power to adjust the program for each student helping them learn. It has been said that a person being tutored gains two years in knowledge due to the individual help.”

A student working with Tyunaitis shared, “Miss T cares about me and helps build my confidence. This has helped me learn. When she believes in me, I begin to believe in myself.” Tyunaitis said the student moved from failing grades to obtaining A’s and B’s. A teacher praised Tyunaitis for making classes that fit needs. “We do not complete worthless research papers,” the teacher said. “More is gained in the time with her than other college classes.”

Miss T’s Learning Center is located at N10335 USH 151 in Pipe. Patricia can be reached at (920) 841-0737. The learning center Web site is located at https://sites. google.com/site/misstslearningcenter/home.

“I chose teaching because I wanted to help students find success in learning,” she added. “It is most rewarding helping students find success and enjoy learning.”