New machine helps busy Riverhills keep up
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photos
Riverhills Embroidery & Screenprinting added a new embroidery machine (above) to keep up with its growing demand for that service on all types of garments. Owner Amy Jo Stevenson also is expanding her stock of ready-to-purchase items (right) which can be found in the store on Milwaukee Drive (STH 32/57).

Riverhills Embroidery & Screenprinting continues to be a very busy shop, so it is a good thing a major piece of equipment was acquired in the past year to speed operations.

“I am continually talking with new customers,” owner Amy Jo Stevenson said. “It’s everyday, whether it be an individual or an organization.”

To keep up with growing demand for embroidered garments, in the past year Stevenson flew to Atlanta, Georgia to pick up and truck back an embroidery machine. The machine is newer and faster than the previous two machines she had been operating in her shop. She said she hopes to be able to sell those older machines to create some additional room in her shop located at 1327 Milwaukee Dr. (STH 32/57) in New Holstein.

Stevenson could use the space as her busy business is often busting at the seams. Once the two older embroidery machines are gone she said she hopes to put up more shelves for better organization as well as expand the showroom area found along the left wall of the shop as people enter.

Husky Pro Shop

That area has already grown and includes all types of T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, caps, and more ready to be purchased right off the shelf. As the banner on the outside of the building says, Riverhills Embroidery & Screenprinting serves as the “pro shop” for New Holstein High School garments, but she also carries Kiel High School items and said, “In the last year the Kiel area has been big.”

Much of Stevenson’s business comes from the greater New Holstein area, but she also does a lot of business much further away in large part because of her Shirts n Giggles trailer. Riverhills Embroidery & Screenprinting contracts with a number of soccer tournaments throughout the state—from Milwaukee to Madison to Sheboygan and elsewhere— to provide tournament shirts on the spot for young players, coaches, parents, and other fans.

That also includes the big New Holstein Youth Soccer Tournament, of course, of which Stevenson is still a director and also a supplier of trophies and awards as she does for some other tournaments.

The Shirts & Giggles trailer is out on the road for about a dozen events per year, and Shirts n Giggles products also can be found online at said the exposure her business gets by being out with the Shirts n Giggles trailer helps with other sales in those markets, as does the fact she used to have a shop in the Manitowoc/Two Rivers area.

Brick-and-mortar location

But the fact she has a brick-and-mortar location in New Holstein and her own embroidery and screenprinting equipment helps set her apart from much of the other start-up competition in the region. Riverhills Embroidering & Screenprinting can turn around orders quickly, whether it is for a single shirt or for hundreds of items. Stevenson can provide custom graphic design assistance as well to give customers exactly what they want. Plaques, trophies, and medals also are assembled right in her shop.

Stevenson said there is something else which she believes sets her apart from the competition. “Honesty is the first word that comes to mind,” she said. “If there’s a rip in your shirt, you’re going to get a new shirt. Everything is made in-house.”

Stevenson said she tries to live up to the new motto she began using at Riverhills in the past year: “Prepare to be impressed.”

Perhaps part of the reason Stevenson seems so busy these days is she has lost the regular services of three past helpers— her children. All three have relocated to the Chicago area as they pursue careers and/or college degrees. Derek works the front of the house at one of the top restaurants in the U. S. Naomi is a senior at Northwestern University and will be receiving her Linguistics degree in June. Raven is a Cinematography student at Columbia College and has already helped produce films. She will graduate in May.

But Stevenson said she likes to be busy and continues to enjoy what she has done for so many years. “I never don’t want to come into work,” she said. “I talk to someone new everyday.”

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