Todd’s Plumbing offers advice from experience
By Mark Sherry
Mark Sherry photo
Todd Schmidlkofer of Todd’s Plumbing provides experience-based advice to his customers.

Todd Schmidlkofer of Todd’s Plumbing listens to his customers and their plumbing needs, but he also has been in the trade long enough to be able to offer his own experience-backed advice.

“I try to be honest with people,” Schmidlkofer said. “A lot of guys just try to get the sale. I try to match the product to what serves their needs for their situation instead of just making a sale.”

There are certainly more options in plumbing fixtures than ever before, and along with that a wider price range. Technology has been a big part of those options, offering such things as faucets which turn on and off by a single touch.

Todd’s Plumbing can and will install whatever the customer wishes, but his 15 years as a plumber—the last five as the owner of his own business—have taught him what works well and what does not. He is more than willing to share those insights with his customers, who appreciate the honesty and the advice.

Schmidlkofer can guarantee the high quality of work done by Todd’s Plumbing because he is the only one doing the work, except for occasional part-timers who work under his supervision. While he has gotten busier over the past five years, he said he has no plans to add on another full-timer. “It all falls back on me if it didn’t go right,” he said. He has referred work to competitors at times because he said, “I’d hate to have you wait.”

January traditionally starts the busiest time for Todd’s Plumbing as most contractors are doing inside work, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling remains the type of work which keeps Todd’s Plumbing most busy. He said he has seen remodeling projects which run the gamut from the simplest fixtures and installations to some intricate options. “Because everything is becoming more high-tech, you have to know more,” Schmidlkofer said. He stays up on his education and training as required by his plumbing license.

A rural New Holstein resident and Armed Forces veteran, Todd is assisted in his business by wife Jennifer who handles the book work. They continue to maintain a small shop in Brillion, which has helped them get some work in portions of Brown and Outagamie counties in addition to serving customers in Calumet, Manitowoc, Fond du Lac and Sheboygan counties. Repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals make up much of his business.

Todd’s Plumbing also does complete plumbing installations for new home construction. He installs a lot of Kohler and Delta fixtures, A. O. Smith and Bradford water heaters, and American Standard toilets and faucets, but can work with the customer to obtain and install whatever the customer wants. Schmidlkofer said it is not unusual to have the customer pick up the fixture(s) and have Schmidlkofer install them. He also has been known to come in to rescue a project started by a homeowner who got in over his or her head.

Schmidlkofer also does light commercial work although he said he prefers residential work. Sewer inspections are another service provided by the business, as well as replacing piping, water heater replacements, softeners, and sump pumps.

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