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an area of the community that had been blighted.

After TID #2 is retired, only TIDs #4 and #5 will remain open.

Mayor Steinhardt said the city still has many options open on how to use infrastructure funds connected to TID #5.

Mayor Steinhardt said the city expects to do preliminary engineering work this year on a project that will renovate Sixth Street.

The project is likely to be completed in two increments one south from the funeral home and the other to the north. In addition to improving the water and sewer under the road, the city is looking to widen and resurface the street.

Money for the project will come from Tax Incremental District #5, as the improvements will support the expansions that have taken place at Land O’Lakes and Amerequip.

Re-routing Teckla Place

Work on re-routing Teckla Place to accommodate the planned Amerequip expansion is slated for 2016. City Adminstrator Dennis Dedering said the plan is to re-route the current road, without disrupting traffic to Oak Creek and St. Vincent de Paul until the construction is complete.

Fourth and North Streets are also being considered for major improvements under TID funding. Dedering said the TIDs have had a double value for the city, supporting industrial growth, and also allowing the city to tackle some major infrastructure projects without having to place the full burden on the annual tax levy.

Mayor Steinhardt said part of the study for future development will look at the concerns about downtown Kiel.

“We have heard those concerns about how the downtown looks and develops. This is something the business community and the city need to be involved in together,” he said.

“The problems we face in our downtown are not uncommon. Many other communities are facing the same struggles.”

Mayor Steinhardt said meeting with the Kiel chamber and the business community will be important to identify the tools that might be used to support downtown development.

In recent years, the mayor said the city’s plan has been trying to focus on growing the major industries.

Opportunities to expand and promote programming at the Kiel Community Center for all age groups is also on the agenda for the city of Kiel.

In February, Kiel’s new community center coordinator Melissa Brandt began her position following the retirement of long-time coordinator Beatie Dietrich.

In addition the city has also initiated the formation of a Friends of the Community Center to provide input and support on a variety of programming. Brandt also serves as the city’s recreation director. She will be working with the Library and also helping promote the use of the Stoelting House for various activities.

Mayor Steinhardt said another of the initiatives for Brandt will be to help communicate programming through the city’s Web site and social media.