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out toward Elkhart Lake.

The Elk Room Lounge is a popular place to hang out while enjoying Osthoff sliders, the ever-popular Osthoff wings or deep fried cheese curds—all while having a great glass of beer, a glass of wine or a signature cocktail.

One of the favorites is the mojito, using Osthoff-grown spearmint.

The Elk Room Lounge is a great place to unwind on a Saturday afternoon, or for a nightcap after dinner.

The Elk Room Lounge has the most specialty offerings of any lounge at The Osthoff.

In addition to cocktails, the Elk Room also offers a great cup of coffee—featuring the Colectivo brand—or an awesome cup of Rishi tea, using some of the best leaves and flowers from around the globe.

Morning offerings also include light pastries, bagels and yogurt until 11 am.

Signature dining at Lola’s

Lola’s on the Lake is the signature fine dining option for The Osthoff. Meals feature ingredients of the area combined in unique and taste-sastifying style called fusion dining.

Signature soups include butternut squash bisque, sweet corn chowder and five-onion French onion.

Dinner options might include salmon in puff pastry, beef short ribs, using locally raised organic beef.

Another Wisconsin flavor on the menu at Lola’s is trout.

In season, The Osthoff’s own grown-on-the-grounds heirloom tomatoes, combined with home made mozzarella, complete an extraordinary caprese salad option.

The Osthoff stamp of excellence

No matter which dining option you choose, guests will find the Osthoff stamp of local tradition and excellence on all the food and beverage options.

The Osthoff Resort takes the “eating local” theory way beyond the menu.

Recently, the resort has moved significantly into organic gardening and on-site production of its own foods.

Fruits and vegetables grown in the Osthoff gardens are used to fill the bill for items already on the menu. That includes items like herbs and micro greens.

Garlic is grown on the grounds as are French grey shallots, a delicacy, even in France.

But, the gardening side of The Osthoff food service has begun to embrace specialty items as well. Viking potatoes, a purple variety, have been one of the latest additions.

Last year, nearly six tons of food were produced and they are still finding their way to the dining table in the form of specially prepared sauces and soups.

Butternut squash, grown on the grounds, was a staple for offerings on the Thanksgiving Buffet as well as Lola’s signature soup offerings.

Elkhart Inn

Off-site, just a few blocks away, the Osthoff is also managing the Elkhart Inn as yet another dining option for locals and travelers, with a unique food profile of its own.

Call it a steak house with a supper club atmosphere, the Elkhart Inn offers a familiar Wisconsin supper club dining setting. The Elkhart Inn offers that familiarity right down to the old fashioned cocktail that is still muddled by hand right before your eyes.

The menu, on the other hand, goes way beyond the familiar.

In addition to a host of steak and seafood options, the menu expands with flexibility to match individual patron’s taste buds.

For many of the steak and seafood options, the diner can select the variety of sauces in which their entree is cooked.

You can also take a walk on the wild side at the Elkhart Inn, with a taste of different entree options including elk, buffalo and red deer.

Of course, the menu also includes many of the namesake dishes you would expect from a Wisconsin supper club.

Aspira Spa cafe

At the Aspira Spa cafe, guests can engage in unique healthful food choices. Osthoff menu planners are especially mindful of the ingredients for these offerings— matching the holistic nature of the spa. Smoothies and salads are featured.

Hosting group events

In addition to its dining offerings, Osthoff also takes great pride in serving the wider community as a place to hold major events such as weddings, meetings, family reunions, class reunions, off-site business meetings, Christmas parties, conventions and more.

With the addition of the Grand Libelle Ballroom in August 2014, the Osthoff features 38,500 square feet of meeting space. The Grand Libelle can host events that serve up to 850 people for dinner, while the Palm Garden can set up to 600.

But the spaces are also conducive to serving smaller groups. Even the largest rooms can be configured to give an appropriate space to a smaller gathering.

The same great food traditions and vision that drive The Osthoff’s dining options are put to use in taking the banquet menu experience way beyond the ordinary.

A place for events

The Osthoff also views its role as a host for major events, open to everyone.

Dancing events are popular with a Ballroom Dancing/Big Band weekend in early March. October features the Harvest Moon ball.

Musically, nothing at The Osthoff is bigger than the community event known as Jazz on the Vine. Hosted on the grounds the Friday and Saturday of Mother’s Day Weekend, Jazz on the Vine enjoys some of the finest jazz musicians from across the country. Patrons can enjoy two days of music for the price of what they might pay for an evening show in a major city.

Holidays come alive at The Osthoff, with amazing brunch offerings on Easter, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Each holiday has its own special events in the resort.

One of the most spectacular events of

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